Magical Forest - 8 of Cups


from lwb: sacrifice and disappointment

The bunny is walking away from something positive, at least that's what
it appears to be. He's stacked the cups up and they are just left sitting
there. Maybe he has learned that there are more important things in life
than material success. He's going off in to the unknown with only his
staff and coat. The moon shows the way through intuition.
Things abandoned, left behind. Love left behind, one partner leaving.

Is that a river to the left of the grassy hill?


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Magical Forest- Eight of Cups

This card gives me a slightly different perspective, I feel that the bunny is walking away from an empty emotional situation (as it looks like the cups are empty) or one that is no longer working due to whatever circumstances. I see him moving on, across the water and onto the unknown. The future may be very scary, as change usually is, but the bunny trudges on knowing that there are brighter prospects ahead. There is a certain amount of sadness, moving on, but it's important to keep your chin up and keep moving.