Magical Forest - 7 of Pentacles


from lwb: active work reaps satisfaction

The fox is done planting and taking care of the fields, he leans on his staff
and looks at the pentacles on the vines. Are they really there or is it
just his wishing that they were there? Is he looking at what he hopes to get
when all the work is done? The job is not finished yet so why is he resting?
He needs to get back to work to achieve his goal.


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Magical Forest- Seven of Pentacles

I feel this card stands for the hard work that has been done and now the fox is standing back assessing the situation and where to go next. I do this myself when I'm out in my rose garden looking at all the masses of blooms. Having been blessed with two green thumbs, I find myself always looking around the yard to see just where I can expand my foliage next.