Magical Forest - 6 of Pentacles


from lwb: weigh things carefully to reflect upon them

The fox is dressed in clothes that are more common so I wouldn't think that
he's very wealthy or royalty. He's holding scales and handing out coins so he's weighing what he's giving out against what you have earned.
He's sharing and giving to others but they seem to have had to earn it
somehow, maybe by being kind themselves so we need to weigh what we do
for others and make sure to give to others fairly. Don't be greedy. Share.

He represents a kind, giving person. Someone thoughtful, someone who
shares. It's a nice warm card too, the colors are nice.


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Magical Forest- Six of Pentacles

This card suggests to me that one must be charitable with everyone equally and even themselves. If you find yourself kicking your own behind for something you did or didn't do (shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome), it might be wise to step back and cut yourself a little slack because after all we're all just human.