Magical Forest - Ace of Pentacles


from lwb:

The Family of Foxes is the most astute and pragmatic of all the animals. The Foxes are responsible for building solid refuges and collecting and distributing resources so that all may be guaranteed food and shelter. They love everything that is practical and concrete and have a very practical nature. They are reddish in color and their symbol is a yellow-golden disk that is known throughout the Forest as due tender. Humans call them Pentacles and associate them with material goods, business, money, career, and success.

Ace: practicality, precision, constructive force.

The fox paw holds the gold coin that represents good fortune, wealth, prosperity.
It's in a blue sky over a field that looks like wheat, which is also a symbol
of prosperity.

There is an arch you pass under at the end of the pathway, it looks sort of
as if you have achieved something and are being honored for it.

I love the paw, how cute! The blue sky is prety too, reminds me of summer
days when the wind is hot and the wheat is tall and swaying in the breeze.


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Magical Forest- Ace of Pentacles

What a good idea to use the foxes for Pentacles. I see the fox as clever and resourceful which are great symbols for this suit. I see this card as beginning of possibilities, dreams put into tangible reality so to speak. I wonder what lies beyond the arch...Material prosperity? A new house perhaps? Or maybe just the situation in which one is able to see it all come to fruition...