Magical Forest - Page of Cups


from lwb: understanding, sensitivity

The page looks young which could be dreamy, creative. Likes to dream.

The fish in the cup is the symbol of an idea, there is water in the foreground.
The card usually means a person under 18 and unmarried.

The idea could be about a new creative venture. The bunny is dressed
in the clown collar again which seems to represent youth, being
impulsive, not focused. He appears to be looking for something.
I'm not sure why I get that feeling from this card but I do.

He looks dressed up too with the cap with the feather again which was
in the 9 of cups, something well done.


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Magical Forest- Knave of Cups

To me this signifies an child or younger person that has the qualities of deep emotions, one who is sensitive to other's needs and feels great empathy toward all. I also see this card as showing these qualities within yourself and developing a deep respect for ones self and others.


Yes, I agree. Someone young with deep emotions and caring for others.


When I sat down and tried to draw connections between people I know and the court cards, I thought about my son first thing. He's always concerned with the feelings of others and gets very distressed when anyone is upset or sad.