Magical Forest - Knight of Cups


from lwb: rapid and instinctive action

The knight is on a red blanket with a purple cape and hat, both regal colors.
The giant cat of some sort is his horse. The cat looks like it's moving,
with it's paw up. The knight looks pretty relaxed up there like he's sure of
where he's going. There's a castle in the background, maybe a symbol
of dreams? This card traditionally refers to a young man who's a dreamer so
that would make sense to me. A castle in the sky sort of message.
The path they are on has cliffs off each side, maybe that's why
the cat has that weird look? He sees the danger of following your emotions
without thinking?


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Magical Forest- Knight of Cups

This Knight gives me the impression that he is the gushing romantic type that wears his heart on his sleeve and can sometimes get very moody if he feels that he's been rebuffed or slighted in the affections department. I see him as a somewhat wishy washy type even though his intentions might be good. In this picture I notice that he is next to what appears to be a cliff and this reinforces the impression that he can at times get carried away with his emotions.