Magical Forest - Queen of Cups


from lwb: listen to your heart

There is water again in this card in front of the Queen's throne.
She is sitting in a tall red chair which shows how important she is.
Her crown is very tiny, I don't understand the significance of that.
She's wearing a red robe with a fluffy white collar.
The sky color is like a beautiful sunset. The card has a nice feeling to it.
She appears to be waiting for someone to come near her.
It feels like she is looking at the card reader. She's motivated by
emotions, she's honest, loyal and a good friend and mother.

She tells us to listen to our hearts, follow our intuition like the water
in front of her.


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Magical Forest- Queen of Cups

This Queen faces a stream and I liken it to someone who is not afraid to show their warm emotional attitude. I think she is sentimental and shows great affection to those whom she cares about but is not as extreme as the Knight as far as how she expresses herself. The Queen of Cups looks like a person who is quite approachable to anyone looking for understanding and a good shoulder to cry on when one's heart gets bruised.