Magical Forest Tarot


Anyone interested in a study group for the Magical Forest Tarot? I just got this deck and love it and would like to get anyone elses opinion on the cards. Would you be interested?


I would be interested, but am not sure how much time I would be able to devote to it as a young baby takes up most of my day. What exactly were you thinking of doing as it is very RWS based?

Love Fluffy


So do you think it is too much like the RWS to really bother with it? Not much new to learn?


karen0205 said:
So do you think it is too much like the RWS to really bother with it? Not much new to learn?
I believe every deck has something new and fresh to offer otherwise it wouldn't be released for the public besides economic reasons, I'd love to follow any development about starting a study group about this decK.

Unfotunately I don't own it but I have put myself in a list to be noticed as soon as it becomes available, anyway I can join individual card discussion as I've seen the whole deck online, think is beautiful and wonder many things that probably would be answered in a group.

- How does affect your take on the cards the selection of animals in the cards? specially in the Majors.
- Do large spread show interesting color patterns during the reading?
- How do the colors and constrast affect your mood while reading?
- What about body language and face expression?

And so on...


It gives accurate readings.

I like this deck. I like that there is not alot of "stuff" cluttering the picture.
I think it gets the point across. It is good for beginners.


This is one of my favorite decks. Although it obviously is a RWS clone, it has a dark side I find very appealing - the more I use it the less "cute" it appears. I guess I can quote me by saying "it is not so much an RWS clone as a small glimpse into a strange and bizarre “alternate universe”"

There does seem to be some logic to the color schemes that would be interesting for further discussion, as well as the expressions I find more, well, "human" than the standard RWS.


I like the characters used in these cards and I find the symbols very interesting. Every time I look at a card I see something else. They do have a dark side to the cards even though they are little animals. They're not the cutsie kind of animals and they have a lot of expression. I would like to get any opinions of the other meanings besides the traditional ones, like the colors, etc. that are in these. Also, the choice of animals for the 4 minor sets is different too. A frog? That sort of stuck out since all the other animals are furry mammals, foxes, rabbits and cats. Anyway, I find them interesting and dark and funny! They are quickly my favorite.


I just received this deck and it is fascinating- it is both sweet and sinister as people have said. Never thought I could really go for an animal type deck, but these animals seem uncanny the word? They are magical animals thats for sure. It IS very RWS- I just compared the two and its obvious. I find the RWS style somewhat bizarre though, I think this may be my way of getting into it as a newbie, using Magical Forest as training wheels...I'd be up for a study group, anyway.

Oh, yeah, I'm also longing to know what that darn book says! If anyone has any ideas as to how we could go about getting a translation(can you pay people to do that?) I'd be interested.


I received the deck yesterday - had a look at the cards and can't wait to get started with it :) I'd be very interested in participating.

Just as an aside - I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the actual cards (not the pics but the stock itself). Have I just been unlucky or is this common to the deck? There were some rough edges and one of the cards seemed to have a small bit of peeling. The deck was brand new and wrapped so it's not the fault of the seller.



A big thank you for starting this study group, and also for seeing it through to the end! I have just gotten this deck as my first deck (actually second but that was a long time ago and I dont remember anything so this is another fresh start for me). Reading the previous contributions for each card has really made this deck come alive for me and showed me a way to make it my own.

I was going to go out and buy a whole lot of books, but then found this forum, and the "Learning the Tarot" course by Joan Bunning so I figure I have got enough to get me started....

Its been a while since anyone posted in this study group so I hope its ok to add my own impressions to each card!