Magickal Tarot Set by Anthony Clark?


Lillie said:
What does it go for?

Say a set with a book. Second hand, but cards perfect, for instance.

Just a rough idea...
Hmm . . . $US80-90? Maybe?

\m/ Kat



I've got to go and look that up in pounds now....

What's the whatsit rate?

£55 quid?


*wanders off to trading thread*


Ack! If you've got one, can't you sit on it for a month or so till my spending recovers a bit??? Please? :D

LOL Like that's ever going to happen :D

\m/ Kat


I don't know what I'm doing with it.

I don't do paypal which makes everything awkward if it's outside the UK.

So I'm probably just going to think about it.

But yes, I do have one I hardly ever look at.
Maybe I ought to do something with it.


thorhammer said:
Yeah, what she said! Bully! :D I know, I know . . . it's just . . . it's out of print, so if I ever find it for a reasonable price, I'll be getting it, my burgeoning collection notwithstanding :D I'll get to them. I slowly am now.

So lay off, you! :*

Oh, I don't care if you want to add another deck to your collection. I just want a chance to get this one for myself. :D


One just sold on E-bay without the box or book, but no more are listed. It was on there Saturday, but now it's disappeared.

Hmm... tempted to take it off her hands, even though she's not just giving it away; which is understandable, since she's in dire financial straits. I need to go do some research and see if I think I'll connect with it. I'm just getting into Thoth a little bit, so we'll see.

If not, it will be passed along to someone who will appreciate it!


You might want to try asking about this in the Thoth Forum.

Tony Willis also wrote a book (available second hand, cheap if you don't mind some marking) called Magick and the Tarot. Use this deck and that book together and your toes will curl up. You may not learn a huge amount of tarot, though you'll learn some, but you will really really learn tarot's relation to magick.


Le Fanu

Graphically, this deck is beautiful. I have a copy which i bought when it was released (1987?). I have never quite got into it as a reading deck, but I love it. I get it out every now and then thinking "when Im an expert on the Thoth, I shall move onto this one!" LOL Like it's ever going to happen.

I love the calligraphy. It has this extraordinary calligraphic handwriting with lovely twirls and flourishes on the cards "Lord of the blah blah blah"... and in terms of composition, organisation of the card images, it is simply stunning.

But it also has such an overload of mystical/hermetic/ weird symbolism that it can make you quite dizzy and gasping for air...


Sure, rub it in. :p :D

And I also liked the book, which I once borrowed from my library.

Do I have to keep eagle eyes on the Trading forum now? :)


I bought it when it first come out.

I gave that one away many years ago.

Then I got it again, in a set with the book.

I never touch it.
Which is a shame because it is a nice deck.

What's with the riddle card?