Margarete Petersen : Five of Coins - breaking through the mask


This card came up along with the seven of feathers (swords) in response to a question about what causes these "brambles" to obscure my path and how to clear them.

A dark mask, with human eyes behind it, surrounded by a swirl of faces and pictures from traditional life, that look a bit like cave paintings. The dark mask suggests looking at life from behind a barriar. The card may be viewed here: Fünf der Münzen

attempted translation
  • The Five is the number of breaking out, of aliveness. When the way of peace and order is conserved, a coagulation/paralysis develops and a breaking-out becomes necessary. One part of us longs to remain in order and security, but the part that remains behind the mask of conditioned order-patterns knows that life is movement. Here you are called upon to take a look at what paralyzes you, and engage with it. When the Blind face their fear of loss, they will become seeing. Metamorphosis as necessary pain, which leads to aliveness.

I don't know what the actual Blind would think of such a sentence, but for the metaphorically blind, it makes a lot of sense, and is directly related to my question. In order to see - to perceive a path beyond the brambles -- it will be necessary to take on fear particularly fear of loss... Amazing.

It occurs to me, a mask is the type of barriar one sees with difficulty, unlike a fence to jump over, it doesn't stay in one spot, it goes everywhere you go!

Die Fünf ist die Zahl des Übergangs, des Lebendigen. Wenn der Zustand von Ruhe und Ordnug konserviert wird, entsteht Erstarrung/Lähmung und ein Übergang wird not-wendig. Ein Teil möchte in der Ordnung und Sicherheit verharren, der Teil hinter der Maske der konditionierten Ordungsmuster weiß, daß Leben Bewegung ist. Hier wirst du augefordert, auf das zu schauen, was dich lämt, und dich einzulassen.
Wen die Blinde auf der Spur der Angst vor Verlust bleibt, wird sie sehend. Wandlung als notwendiger Schmerz, der ins Lebendige führt.

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Rusty Neon

The idea of conditioned order patterns and Blinds is interesting. We are stuck (like the two poor figures in the RWS 5 of Pentacles) in a situation not necessarily because of our fate or bad luck, but sometimes because of our conditioning, our blinds, our fear of change or our fear of taking risks.

This brings to mind the 5 of Pentacles from the Spiral Tarot deck. In that card, there are 3 pentacles on the building window and two pentacles on the walkway. The woman in the card steps over the two pentacles (= presumably, the means that could help her in her predicament) without noticing.