Margarete Petersen Study -XXI - The World


  • Circling at the outermost edge--
    fragile pattern of life--
    dissolving in flickering light.
    Inner Rhythm of slow waves, breaking in heaven.
    Bound to no order,
    filled with the spirit of the wind
    a figure appears
    in the center point
    the last sign
    before Nothingness.

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The circles of light (Cosmic Bike Reflector?) which made it's first appearance as the Chariot's head-light, began to spin out and crack open in XX Renewal (Judgement), now unwinds, and breaks apart, the circles are" dissolving in flickering light" She writes of an "Inner Rhythm of slow waves, breaking in heaven."

Like ocean waves breaking on the beach, the electromagnetic waves - of light, color, all of life energy spin outward finally breaking in heaven.

The dancing figure in the center begins the outward flow of circling energy from the "solar" plexus.

The beginning of the first breaking away outer layer looks for all the world to me as though it bears the head of a serpent...


I also see the serpent. Maybe the breaking away is like a serpent shedding it's skin getting ready for the next phase of life.
I also see dinasour bones in the upper right of the card. This to me represents the "fragile pattern of life." No matter how big and strong and numerous they were the simple shifting of nature rendered them extinct. Their exsistance was complete and in nature's plan their purpose had been served.


Oh! Fantastic, Lark. I hadn't noticed that they were dinosaur bones at all. Now I see it, there is a distinct dinosaur-like crest on the skull. Perhaps the serpent is also a kind of dinosaur.