Margarete Petersen Study - X - The Wheel of Life


Translation of MP's text
  • Circling, no stopping, no beginning, no end,
    Circling you cannot escape
    Circling - holding tight in happiness
    holding tight in sorrow.
    Meandering in the circle's magnetic field -
    Round and around you run, amazed again that nothing is resolved.
    The thawing out of blind Love brings sight.
    Subtle adjustements of the orbit.
    In the Flow/River you will find your answer.

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can we have a link to the card in the gallery? i always find that very helpfull as i do not have the deck........


this one looks like the running of water down the sink, you get a sort of turning spiralling cocoon of water, broad at the top and small at the bottom (what the english word?).
the turbulence of life, thats what it looks like, people being pulled with it, or people just going with the flow?
or is it you, looking at yourself in the turbulence of life?
the stillest point is in the void in the middle......


Aha! Just what Aoife was saying, that Lee told her.. to get off, you get centered into the middle!!

(Any idea what she means with the text?) (Sorry my translation sucks)


can you post the german text please?


  • Rad des Lebens

    Kreisend, kein Stillstand, kein Anfang, kein Ende,
    Kreisend entkommst du nicht --
    Kreisend -- festhaltend im Glück,
    festhaltend im Leid.
    Umherirren im Magnetfeld des Kreisens --
    Rundum läufst du, wieder verwundert, warum sich nichts löst.
    Das Auftauen der blinden Liebe macht sehend.
    Subtile Verschiebungen der Umlaufbahn.
    Am Fluß findest du Antwort.


your translation doesnt suck.
am is a shorty for an dem, so its not in the but at the. not that it makes a huge difference......

the wheel never stops turning, you cannot escape the turning of the wheel (magnetic), some cycles are of sorrow, some of happiness, if you just keep running like a hamster in a wheel you'll find nothing really changes, reality comes when you start seeing what is there (blinded by love used as metaphor), so you wont be a hamster anymore, be in the turbulence of life, being pulled with it, or just going with the flow..........
or is it you, looking at yourself in the turbulence of life ?


The Wheel of Life

I was going to say that this card looks like the birth of life.... like a sweet swirl of possibilities and things coming into being..... the action of creation, the dynamics of the Void, which science is proving, more and more, is actually substance in motion (string theories... ) THAT IT IS ALIVE!!!!

Would not, of course, THE WHEEL, be very alive too? would it not celebrate coming into being.... the dynamic painterliness of APPEARING ON THE SCENE...... the gusto of the question behind the question.... ????

We ARE and that is amazing,............. :)


Re: X - The Wheel of Life

firemaiden said:
Translation of MP's text

  • Meandering in the magnetic field of the circles -
    In the Flow/River you will find your answer.

This is wonderful..... I love the idea of MEANDERING, rather than fighting the turmoil, giving in and enjoying the seeming madness of the moment.....

"magnetic field" eludes to the many layers of the aura, it eludes to spirituality and the inevitable occurrence of events, yet it also calls up the image of INTENT and how we can affect that feild, that wheel...... that we are part of the WHEEL. that we are just as much Creator as human, that we influence the wheel......

and then there is the statement about "in the flow/river you will find your answer."........ BEING FULLY WHO WE ARE....... joining the universe in its expansive reality, being with it, not in it, not just a helpless victim of living, but a Creator in living.... a Creator of life.....

Flowing with it is Breath!!! It is Mindfulness. It is Everything and Nothing, all at once........ wuhooooooo :laugh: