Mary El Tarot - Four of Disks

Bat Chicken

We are all made of Star stuff. So is the Earth itself. The stars shine over this wonderful image of solid earth. Its flux is slow and the house sits on the edge of the mountain. In the distance is the white snow covered mountain? Crystal mountain?



A beautiful, mountain landscape where a house clings to the hillside defying gravity and seeming to defy any kind of rational thinking. Why build up there? The path at the bottom of the card leads down into the lush valley yet the house seems to resist this natural path. It may look closer to the beautiful star in the sky but that is merely a matter of perspective.

This card speaks to me of trying too hard, holding on too tight, not being able to see that we have to be part of life in order to rise above the mundane and find our place in the Universe. It speaks of choices and knowing when the timing or the signs are right to depart from the norm but also when to rejoin the well worn path.

The whole card is a play on perspectives, the mountain pass in the foreground is clearly at or above the tree line, so pretty high up, yet the white, snow capped mountain in the distance is lower. How we see our lives and the choices we make depends very much on our understanding of these perspectives. The only way to really come closer to that star is to climb down and reach the next mountain which is, in fact higher than the one inhabited at present.


The 4 of Disks is such a comforting, peaceful card to me. It makes me feel like in the right place, going in the right direction, being called back home, not necessarily the one up on the hillside. The message I get is one of (re-)connection with the Earth, our one and only home. In the book, Marie White gives the traditional divinatory meanings as "charity, donation, generosity, assistance, monastery," which I haven't seen associated with this card before, at least not upright. I've always seen it more as greed and possessiveness. In this case, we really do need to hold on to what we have with the natural environment, but we cannot treat it like we own it and can do as we please. We need the Earth, it does not need us. If it becomes uninhabitable to us, no amount of money can fix that.