Mary El Tarot - King of Swords

Bat Chicken

I saw this King in a dream last night. He stood watching me and his face became very close to the face of a healer I know. (One I miss since leaving Canada). Now when I look at this King I see my friend and naturopath, Howie.

The sharp eyes and confidence of this King are borne of intellect. He is quick and clever. His weapon is the quill and the bow is knowledge, which he wields quickly. He bears the Emperor’s golden dragon on his back. There is a ‘Hermity’ aspect to the yellow dragon that must wander alone. He is Fire of Air, the clouds of intellect surround him and the feathers keep him aloft in his kingdom. It would appear that the quill is in his LEFT hand because his arms are crossed… He is Fire of Air.


Bat Chicken: Did you notice all the writing around him and the feathers? I don't have a magnifying glass to see if it actually says anything. Anyone else? He is Knowledge. What an interesting concept!

Bat Chicken

Yes! I did.... What I could see were lots of 'ologies' and some other words like 'King', 'study', 'diversity', 'discipline' and I need a magnifying glass! :laugh:

I think it would be worth having a closer look... I have one somewhere but I haven't seen it since the move... :)


The King of Swords is knowledge and so much more. He is language and communication and all the ways that knowledge is shared and used and discovered. The feathers come out from his head in all directions carrying with them concepts, areas and methods of study. They leave the frame and we cannot see where they end. I imagine them going out and connecting to people with whom he has shared knowledge, those he has taught and learned from, who then also share connections. He is the center of a web of exchange of ideas. Being made of feathers, his ideas can 'take flight' and be put into use, they are not just idle thoughts.

There is also the reality that words can be weapons. The one who controls the information is very powerful indeed.

Some more words around him: Take action control meter master measurement learn galaxy eclipse satellite conquer genius wisdom arithmetic concise precise theories hard to execute degree dictate protect