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I know there hasn't been much activity on this study group for a year or so, but I'm hoping someone might come across this anyhow...

I was wondering if anyone knows if Marie's original journal on this deck is archived anywhere? I can't find it on her website and her Tarotsmyth journal only goes back to June 2008 (7 of Swords). I've found journal entries on Tarotsmyth very useful in being able to see her thought process unfold on individual cards, but there's a lot of earlier cards that aren't covered there.

Bat Chicken

There is a thread here that goes back to 2007, but all of the images are gone, unfortunately.

Her self published majors deck had a booklet with the original cards and their explanations (some were altered or completed changed for the final published deck)


I couldn't shuffle this deck out of the box, so I too decided it needed a trim. I cut off the titles and left just a narrow black border all around. Getting down to a manageable size was one thing, but the cards were still too stiff for my comfort. I have shuffled the hell out of this deck and finally felt like it was breaking in. In the mean time, some of the lamination had started to peel back around the edges. I sandpapered off the peeling bits (don't worry--this deck is tough!) and touched up with a sharpie where necessary. I was almost ready to start working with it when the deck called out for two more things: gold edges and a new dedicated, dignified journal. It's tough but it still wants to be beautiful. The gilding created a thin, uneven gold border on the face of the cards, which I actually really like. They seem more...ancient, or something.

Trimmed Mary-El pics

The trimming seems to have made them more mine, as if by doing so, I had tamed them a bit, like the owner of a falcon...

I agree. It's like this deck wants to know that you're serious before it gives up the goods. Once it sees that you've put some time and effort in, it becomes more cooperative.

I have done a deck interview reading with some very insightful results. I'll start posting in the individual card threads with observations that come up in my readings, not sure that I am going to study each card in order though.


Just wanted to add that I am another one who does not find this deck to be dark. I find it to be balanced. In fact, I am discovering that at times alternate, almost contradictory qualities come from the same card. The Queen of Wands is powerful (large, dominating) but still gentle. The Knight of Cups will pour his heart out, but is still guarded (armor).

Something else I discovered, did you know this deck has a sense of humor? When I start working with a new deck, I like to pick my favorite card, least favorite card, and a random card and reflect on them and what lesson each has for me. I selected Death as my favorite and wrote in my journal that I found it 'hauntingly beautiful'. Haha pun! As I continued writing, my pen started running out of ink, it died. And it hit me that the deck was making a pun too.


I am reviving an old thread, but I just bought this deck and it is in-cre-di-ble!!!!
Then I looked for Mary White's website and I can't find one! She had a blog but she seemed not to have written anything since 2014. Same here at the AT.
Where is Mary White, what is she working on these days? Has she abandoned tarot? I wanted to says how much I love her deck!


Hello! I also wonder what happens with Marie White...
Anyone to know?


l am considering buying this tarot and have just found this thread. As to where Marie White is, l see that she has an Etsy shop with contact details, and it looks to be up to date.
She is on Instagram and Facebook which dates 2016.