missing and double card


Hey everyone. I just got this deck last weekend and I noticed that I have a double of The Undressing of a Salad and no Oh That Gnome!. does anyone have a suggestion for how to get my missing card? I ordered it on B&N.com and i really don't want to send it back because they were hard to get in the first place. Took too long to get here!

I sent an email to one of the many companies associated with the deck but havn't recieved a response yet. :( Sad me.



You might want to try writing to the publisher. I'm not real familiar with Fireside (I think that's the publisher), telling them what the problem is and they might send replacement cards if you are missing any.

Hope that helps


or at least you could go to www.faeries.net and find the section on the oracle..see if there is a feedback page..I am sure they will send you the missing card.



Interesting ... you are the second person I know of that has received this deck where there was an anomily in the card packing. The other person was missing the Faerie Guide ... seems like the fae are playing tricks on the publisher *LOL* ... I am sure they will send you the missing card, enjoy the deck!