My experience with the Fey Tarot


Just wanted to share this with people - how I found that some of the little aspects of the Fey Tarot really speak to us.

I am not the best tarot reader by a long shot - I still haveta look up some of the meanings for the cards every once in a while (especially with Pentacles) and I am not great at reading for people. When I found the Fey Tarot, it was the only deck that really made sense to me. I took it overseas with me, and it has made my life so much more creative.

I did a reading last night - just a past-present-future 3-card reading - to reflect on the year that has been 2004, the threshold that I am on, and what next year will bring. This is what I got:

1. 3 of Swords
2. Ace of Wands
3. The Sun

The one thing that immediately struck me with these cards was the position of the Sun in each of them. In the 3 of Swords, the Sun is just about to rise, but the Fey is not looking at it - too overcome with dispair and grief. In the Ace of Wands, you can see that the Fey is looking towards the Sun, the light, and the aura of possibility that is there. And of course, the Sun card, the Fey is basking in the glory of the light, and seems happy and free.

I found that it was such a revelation and was so interesting that I had to share it with you guys.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and may 2005 bring happiness to your lives.

Peace and Love,


Arn't the Fey just that way?
I did a reading tonight for someone and it was like walking up stairs. Each card was a step towards the next one.