Set 4 - numbers


As I am new to this i am just going to attempt to give my view on the majors for the no. 4. Here goes and sorry if it doesn't make sense:

"The no. 4 makes up a square with each side equal. It is the number of reality, logic & reason. The essence of mans threefold nature - body, mind & spirit - is brought to the material plane, forming a square"

The complete book of Tarot - Juliet Sharman-Burke

The Emperor (IV)

The 4 "things" that i notice in this card are the unicorn from the empress cd, the sword, the crown in the throne and the fey himself. I am not sure what they mean except perhaps that they show different sides of the feys personality "The threefold nature" the caring side\emotion (the unicorn), the material side (the crown) and the logical side/intellect (the sword) making up the whole which is the emperor. I notice that his eyes are on the unicorn, but am not sure what this means. His throne is in the air and is made of rock, perhaps meaning his wisdom is of an earthy nature and showing his solidity. His armour shows his strength. Also the 3 rocks around him and the one he is stood on almost form a square also indicating the balance of the no. 4

Death (XIII)

The 4 "things" that i notice in this card are the 2 white pieces of chess, the sun (eclipsed by the moon) and the egg in the background. This could mean (but I am only guessing) that you are born (the sun), you grow up (emperor/wisest), you die and go into the sky merging with the universe(star) and are reborn again (the egg) essentially showing the nature of life logically. Also body (emperor/wisest) mind (star) and spirit (sun) making up the whole which is the egg (ie new life) coming to the material plane - the earth again. There is the reality and sureness and completeness of the no 4 in that you die and then are reborn and this is the cycle (the round chess board).

anyway they are my thoughts, but i am not sure if i have done it right and would greatly appreciate other input and peoples opinions. I only did these 2 because i am not sure if i have done it "right" (i know there is no right or wrong, but you know what i mean).

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doing it right?
looks good to me-
I like the 'threefold making the whole' thing with the Emperor.


Fluffy - what do you mean, you're not sure if you've done it right!!! *lol*

Of course you have! I only have a minute but wanted to say that I thought the Emperor was looking at the (absolutely aDORable) unicorn "puppy?"!! but the book (ahh yes, I've now peeked) says his eyes are white signifying spirit. Or something like that. I still think he is warily watching the puppy!! Maybe he is wishing his Lady would come and fetch it ~

I was picking up the cards this morning to move them off my chair-side table and a group in the middle slid off onto the carpet and all were face down except for the Empress - so she is my card for today!

Anyway, as for "4s" -- I really like the Death card. I thought right off that the board was a sort of round chess set and I would dearly love to know the rules! The king is definitely in trouble, and I think the "queen" may have just been taken. I think of the snail as a pawn. Anyway, I like your take on the "symbols" in the card.

My first impression, second actually because at first I didn't notice it, was that the egg is being dangled on a string .... and wondering why. But a number of objects in cards are on strings ... stars, a sword in one I think. Haven't analyized it all yet. But maybe ... these things are being dangled by ... Spirit? to remind us, or the Fey, to keep this object in mind. A reminder. From death, life.

I hadn't noticed the four rocks in the Emperor card. Saw them but didn't think of them as being 4.

Later then ~



Skydancer i like what you said about the snail being a pawn. Also have you noticed that the world is on a big snail so that is kind of like the smallest denominator in the game is also a symbol of the whole world! I am going to continue thinking that the emperor is looking at the unicorn and waiting for his lady to take it away perhaps because his caring thoughts towards it may appear to be a sign of weakness in him that he does not want others to see.

Anyway any more thoughts anyone?

Love fluffy


What is firmly planted. two hands and feet = 4. The Emperor has both of his fet firmly planted, both his hands make firm fists and are pressed to the arms of his throne. On stones that float, even the Uni-peg-pup is firmly planted by 4.
from tarot companion by t. porter
...Four represents stability, but also the force behind a revolution. Positively- stable, unique, & inventive. Negativley it is ego-centric, aggressive & demanding.

The Emperor in his seat, high above all else is reflective of the ego-centric. His posture can be seen as aggressive.
The Emperors uniqueness might be those white eyes. All fey with white eyes are usually blue in color.

Death and Four-
Again we see the uniqueness in the feys eyes. They each have thier own color. We see foundation and revolution in the gameboard. The board it's self being the foundation, with it's rules and restrictions to the game. The revolution is the shape of the board and the battles that are engaged in to become the winner, the KING- the Emperor is the center of everyone's attention. This to is seen in the card with the game-piece in the center circle inside the board....Is he in trouble? or is he the winner?
Overcoming all odds and still coming out on top?
There are four colors to consider in this card- Black and White & Blue and Red.

more later....


Re: King/Emperor in center -

Ahh yes! He could have won!! Ya know, I didn't see it that way; I saw him as being checked.

Funny how our current circumstances influence our perceptions.

!! ;)