My first reading with my gypsy witch deck (my own)


Okay I wanted a direct answer non of this psychological tarot lark.
I'm using my gypsy witch in the style of playing cards.

I asked do you ever see me meeting a man romantically.

I've pulled

Queen of spades ♠️, 6 of hearts 💕, 7 of diamonds 💎 and 9 of clubs ♣️

I feel that the nine of spades is saying to me that I've been hurt befor (I feel this is pointing to me) but yet that shouldn't stop me from meeting someone as there could be someone whose attracted near by. I believe it's saying I'll meet a man when I least expect it to happen and it'll be someone I least likely to expect maybe someone from my past, but it'll be a good and healthy relationship. I feel like this could be pointing to someone I've had conflict with in the past or an argument, and that the situation will be healed in a happy manor. Maybe jealousy got in the way of me seeing the potential before.

Some help would be appreciated :) x