Mythic Tarot


I'd love to join this group as the Mythic was my fist deck and although it's been neglected lately picking it up is like catching up with an old friend.


Watch this space.....this group hasn't died, but I had to sort out how to run a Mythic index thread. Basically, I dont come here in a reliable way such that I can receive PMs to update a Mythic Index....but it should be sorted out now.


me too

I hope this tread doesn't die, although it seems to be slowing down. I just joined this board and was about to retire my Mythic deck when I saw this thread. I'm sure it's got more to offer me than what I've gleaned so far. I find the images rather flat which is why I planned to move on.

I bought the deck because I adore Greene's books on astrology, particularly her book on Saturn.

much love to you all


I'd also like to participate. I don't have the deck (yet.....) but I've been interested in mythology for a long time.


I am still interested. But I am moving soon so I wont be able to participate as much for the next couple months.


I have this deck and would like to learn with you guys :)


It seems that there is plenty of interest in the Mythic Study Group, so by all means, start posting threads.

Anyone can start a card, type your thoughts about it, and others will add theirs. It's a great way to see things in the cards that you hadn't noticed before.

If you are unsure what to do please check out Sulis' post about Study Groups here, or contact one of us.


Mythic Magic

I have to agree this has to be the best deck of cards i have had the great fortune to experience. I first saw these cards at a tarot workshop that i go to each Wed night, I have always been taught to "give off" wat i get and with these cards I "got" Tarot. The details that i "got" and "gave off" were just magic!


I don't have the deck anymore but plan to soon. When I did have it I loved the psychological depth the book went into. The card images themselves lack something for me though. I'm finding the study group to be a tremendous help for me in remembering the meaning of the cards. Normally, I would have had to look up the meaning of the Fool and the page of pentacles (cards being covered at the moment) but now I don't. I hope it continues and grows....

AT is a wonderfully unique tarot community full of thoughtful and thought provoking people. I'm so glad I found it and enjoy very much reading everyone's posts :)