Navigators Tarot Repeating Cards


Yes, I have the set with the book. I tried to start reading it an was overwhelmed but also fascinated by the symbolism.Absolutely love the art work and want it in my house.

I did also buy the RW easy deck, partially so I could compare the cards to Navigators and learn the differences as I go along and also, I'm guessing I may want a more traditional deck at times. Thus far, I haven't used it much as Navigators just works.

This study guide will be a good place to start as well. Thank you! I posted one of my readings in the forum, titled Twin Flame Reading. Here I will just ask on a few cards that repeat in my readings.

The Art card showed up for advice in the relationship seperation and also for what's standing in the way, for a dream interpretation. That is so far the most complex card I've come across in the deck. It seems to be somewhat of alchemical process, preparation for a long journey which requires patience and for something which serves importance to the world. Had a psychic tell me once I have a rainbow aura around my throat chakra and am in a waiting zone to birth something creative....I'm like....ok (this was my first visit to a psychic).....but I remembered that when I pulled this card and also that twin flames are supposedly an alchemical process. She told me that would be done with my twin. I thought the battle of Scorpius energy was fitting since he is a Scorprio. Regardless, I read that as instruction to practice a dilligence and careful preparation in a path and avoid distractions along the way. Continue doing what I'm doing regardless of if he is in my life or not, staying focused and on path.

For past influence on a dream and also influence on core energy in a celtic cross, for myself, I got Arch Priestess. Another deep and powerful card which has so much going on. Seems to signify one who exists outside a conscious realm but serves as a guide (to the neophyte). I interpret this as taking energy outside a conscious state from the unconscious (fitting given dreams) and universal perspective and using it in new ways. Before I met this guy, I was an endurance runner completely oblivious to this world. As soon as I met him, I started having these dreams and thus was exposed to this entire world of psychics, tarot, astrology, etc. in an effort to understand and use it in some way.

...will start with those two and review study guide for others first before innondating you all with questions on every card. :)

I do like the realism and complex nature of these cards. For his views of me and outcomes I often get Destiny, 6 of Cups, 3 of Cups and Hermit. Current energy I get Moon, Sun, and he gets 10 of Swords over and over again both when I was having others do readings and in this deck. He is battling something on his own with regard to depression and career path, organizing his life and trying to move forward. Creates oscillating emotions between us (moon). But I do know he loves me and I him and we find that balance and love regardless if we are together or even speaking. Hermit probably signifies us in that seperation.


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Noted. Will read the posting rules.

As for my interpretations of others, and oh I could go into the symbolism for pages, here are some basic impressions.

His View on Me
Find this one fascinating as it discusses transcendence over polarity, balance and harmony. I can't tell you how many times he used the word polarity and how this was the goal in his life to transcend. He said in actual words he felt a balance and harmony with me but not within himself. So there is that. But beyond that it signifies letting go of attachement to the splits and conditioning and masks we wear. It signifies a fateful path which we have no choice. Given that we've been told we're twin flames, supposedly this means we have a destined path together wether we like it or not.

Six of Cups
The book discusses a gratification of desires transcending those of the earthy realm but within the true divine self. Again, given the concept of twin flames sharing a common higher self, I find this appropriate. It discusses a haitus, which we are currently in though always connected at heart.

Final Outcomes
Again, could be fitting given the seperatation at the moment. This one is so packed full of symbolism I could go in many directions. The interpretation in the book speaks of shedding ego. Twin flame theorists postulate that the purpose of these connections is to transcend ego and ascend to a higher reality. There are the two figures separated by a chasm but both above what appears to be an earthly plane. There is an element of accepting one's fate even if it means certain death, as the mountain lion and the goats suggest, as it is the natural order of reality.

3 of Cups
This card is so fascinating as in the RW deck, it would symbolize joy and abundance with others. This interpretation suggest the same but carries a warning that the lure and seduction of abundance carries with it an unseen cost. To be aware of seduction and concealed intentions. In the context of twin flames, there is a known magnatism of the couple. It is impossible to resist each other but the volatility is also unavoidable. This volatility carries with it lessons to force the two to look deep within themselves and heal ego. So perhaps this is a warning that in joy, we need to be aware of the unseen and impending lessons which will ultimately arise.

Current Energy
Oscillating emotions. I just posted some thoughts on this card in the study guide. However, it is profound. It warns of repressed and inappropriately used emotions clouding insight and stiffling birth of potential (the lotus not being able to open fully and the embryos stuck in the womb). It suggests wisdom being needed to see past the illusion. It suggests looking at one's shadow self, in psychology we talk of conditioning developing in one's childhood as a thread to what is not understood in innocence (the piper leading children astray) and how that conditioning replays until one is able to address that shadow and heal wounds of the past which would result in volatile emotions. That these emotional responses disconnect masculine sun from feminine energy because the plant life is overgrown and too deep for the sun to reach the core. Very fitting as we recently have had very volatile emotions stemming from internal "wounds" so to say related to ego.

This card suggests organization and moving away from negative thinking, realizing one's own potential. I get this for him. He has had difficulty realizing his career path and has experienced great stagnation and confusion. He has been overly negative in the past which has stopped him from movement. I am hoping this means he is taking the solitude to begin organization of these thoughts and the space and boundaries to do what is needed to move forward.

10 of Swords
I have had two personal readings from others, from other decks and in my own readings this has come up twice for him. I understand it to mean a mental prison. One where intellectualism and philosophizing have reached a point where one has dug one's own grave and risks insanity and loss. This is so appropriate for him as he has spent his life deep in academia, psychology, and theorizing states of consciousness such that he has analysis paralysis. Hence why he can not make a decision with regard to career and also leading to depression. His last words to me were that he was concerned for his own sanity and that he has been unhappy in his life for so long. He did not want to put that burden on me. SO....not sure I need much help on this one as it speaks loudly.

Posted one of these full readings here, if anyone would like to help me with the entire context of interpretation. I'm like a shakey novice, tons of intuition but not a lot of confidence as I begin this journey.