(Nearly) Free Dr Papus Deck


I had a minor accident with one of my color Dr Papus Tarot decks. At the mail box I dropped it on the ground while I was putting some stuff in the mailbox. I backed up my truck (yes, I drive a pickup truck -- no apologies, I live on a farm) and rolled over the deck that was carefully placed in the envelope and lovely velvet bag and waterproof, bubble mailer. Oops.

To my horror it was much more mangled than I would have thought. Not only was the bubble wrap bag torn, so was the velvet bag and oh! The cards! Then I had to tell its intended recipient that I had mangled the deck and he had to wait for another one to be ordered. Sigh. I guess that these things happen. It was meant to be.

At any rate, because I have this pre-aged great, rare repro deck that is otherwise un-sellable I thought maybe someone might want it for the cost of shipping. Speak up and I will put names in a hat and pick one. You may be the only person who wants it. Or not. Anyway, it's too nice to toss and maybe someone will want to give it a home.

Here are a couple of pictures of the damage. Post if you want to add your name to the hat.

And here are some more pictures of the cards

The Happy Squirrel

May I? :)


I'm so sorry about what happened, and I would totally take this off your hands if I didn't already have one! I believe I bought mine from your shop last year and it's just a gorgeous deck.

I really do hope someone will give it a home soon. I know our Squirrel here will give it much love.


I'd like to throw my name into the hat, if I may.



Can I add my name for its new home


i'd like to throw my name in the hat too if it is still open....

Yves Le Marseillais

In my name


I try too.

Nice attitude from you.
Thanks anyway for the winner.

Have a nice day to all of you



I'd love to toss my name in the hat.

Harmony Rose

Add my name, please. Thank you!

Babalon Jones

Bummer! Sorry for your loss!
Can I get in the hat too? Looks like a great deck and I don't mind damaged cards as I would use it for study.