Need a New project spread


Hi there everyone 😊

I need your help!!
2 of my best friends are thinking about starting a new project, and they asked me to make a reading for them to see if they should go forward on this!

The thing is, I have no idea about the spread, and i also have no idea how to make this because they both want the reading, but I'm not sure if I should do the reading for both of them at the same time or separately!
The project is opening a new company for eyelashes! One of them is a eyelash professional, the other one is the one who will manage the company.. So it's a different thing for each one.

So I'm wondering if someone knows about any new project spread that could help me on this! Can you please help me?

Thank you so much!

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Have you checked our Tarot Spreads Index. I found several that you could use. You could also always modify a spread a bit to suit your needs better.

How about this one: Situation Snapshot Spread. It is an excellent all-purpose spread. If the situation is different for them (even though the business is shared) you could do it separately for both.

Here is a good Future-Career-Advice Spread:

And you could always pick you questions from HERE and make a spread in the shape of eyelashes for one and the shop/building for the other. Just a thought :p

ETA: Oh, and see here for more short and to the point questions.


Hi there Hemera 😊

Thank you so much for your help!! These questions and tips are absolutely amazing!! 😊😊
Thank youuuu Hemera!!

Regarding to the spread.. I actually found 1 that fit what I was looking for in a website but I did a few changes to fit my personal kind of reading, so, here it is what I've done!!

1 - the base of the project (this card will tell you if the project is based in a solid ground.

2 - negative aspects of the project

3 - positive aspects of the project
4 & 5 - Guidance and advice of the higher self for you

6 - possible outcome if the guidance were followed.

I found this spread veryyyy accurate and helpful 😊😊

I hope you guys enjoy it as well!!

Once again Hemera, thank you so much for your time helping me 😊

PS: I'll try to put here a picture of the blank spread

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You are very welcome. Glad I could help :)
It looks good. :thumbsup:
You can post the reading in Your Readings if you wish (just read the Posting Rules of that area first!) and then link it here.


Maybe a 4 or 5 Card Spread for the new Project?

I do liked this spread; but based on my reading experience; I do believe that the spreads with a lesser number of cards (simpler spreads maybe) provide much a deeper understanding of the situation, so I wanted to propose a spread which is similar to yours; but involving less number of cards. Taking into account that the question is "What do I need to know about the project?" the proposed spread would be like this.

1.Factors affirmative for the project (Motivating, Positive Factors - What would make the project a success?)
2.Factors adverse for the project (Disincentives, Negative Factors - What would make the project a failure?)
3. Advice (What should be taken into account when making a decision?)
4. Possible Outcome (What might happen? or maybe two cards, one each for what might we win or lose when we carry out the project...)