Sacred Days of Yule Spread


This looks like a really nice spread, and I am definately going to try it out. Thank you for posting it.


This looks like a lovely spread. Thanks for sharing it.

I'm definitely going to have a go with it. :)

Astraea Aurora

This looks really nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Reminds me of a spread very similar to this, it's called "Rauhnachtskarten" in German (sorry, I didn't find ANY translation). The time from Dec 25 till Jan 5 is called "Rauhnächte" and you draw a card per day, each one symbolizing one month of the coming year and it tells you how the mood will be in that month, maybe what you have to face - Dec 25 stands for January, Dec 26 for February etc. I guess it's more like fortune telling.

For this year I already promised myself to try the "Rauhnachtskarten", but next year I will try this Yule Spread since I find it very cute.


I'm trying to decide whether to draw all the cards at once, or once a day and add to what is drawn previously.

I am leaning towards using my gorgeous mini Visconti-Sforza, full draw on the 20th, and using drafting tape (Very low stick) to hold them in place on a big sheet of baking parchment. Then I can set the spread aside safely when I'm not working with the cards.

Festivus to all :)


I really like this spread! I'm going to draw a Yule Wheel like she has, and I've got lots of tiny colour copies of my cards, (I copy and reduce them on a colour photocopier to stick in my Tarot journal- helps me remember readings better)
so I can stick the card inside it's section each day.

It'll be like a Tarot advent calendar! :surprise:



thanks for sharing this


Thank you for sharing this. I was looking for something special to do..


Sakura Murasaki

Thank you for sharing! :D


For all those who want to try it: It's only 4 days way! Wednesday is the 20th.

One thing slightly confuses me. Is it still ok to use as is, now that the winter solstice is on 22nd? Or should I turn the cards for 21 and 22 around?