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Updated and considerable improved:
Inana's List: 20 000s Tarot cards and more

Some oracle playing from facade, not really important, just for those, who don't know them:

Some aspects for Tarot-webmasters, ranking of websites

And finally (long distance work): More to Ferrara .... only a begin, but already a lot of stuff (only the top three main links do work)

Just to remember: Article to the hierarchy between suits, really interesting:

or better readable as point "Card Playing Wheel" at

Also important to very early playing card research: Article to Johannes of Rheinfelden at
or better readable at (point Johannes of Rheinfelden)

Also new: article to card printing press in Ferrara (same address, other point in the menu), more something for specialists.

.... and some other smaller things, I don't remember so well :)


This is one of those threads in which silence in responses indicates not lack of interest, but deep appreciation and reflections on the work made available to all for our own slow digestion...

I am certain I speak on behalf of many:
  • Thankyou Huck and all :)



We've gathered the material to

Marseilles 1337 - Caldwell/Bougearel

together with a speculative article of mine


see menu:

Very early references

also new (same place)

Prohitions Filippo Maria Visconti (1420 - 1429) (see menu)
author - Ross Caldwell



"News" is installed installed his "News"-project with the idea, that News of Tarot historical value can spread quick and in an informative way. Well, it's only a try ... but it's there now:

Some things you'll already know, other not: Probably this one is new to you:

Oldest Playing Cards of Europe detected :)


jmd said:
This is one of those threads in which silence in responses indicates not lack of interest, but deep appreciation and reflections on the work made available to all for our own slow digestion...

I am certain I speak on behalf of many:
  • Thankyou Huck and all :)

you most certainly do jmd. Thank you Huck and all for this wonderful site.




Thanks for the thanks,

jmd, I could imagine it as a good idea, if we install at Aeclectic in the Historical forum a thread, in which anybody could post News with the intention, that they are spread as fast fast as possible.

It shouldn't be long articles, just 1-5 sentences including a link, where more information could be gotten.
Such an installment could be edited each month ... we offer to do it, at least for the moment. News would spread quick and not so much energy is necessary for that one, who likes the news to be spread, as under other conditions.



:) Actually I would love this thread to go on with " proudly presents".

Let's think a little, what the situation is.

There are people, who wish - whatever reason they have - that specific news do spread.

There are other people (like me) who wish to gather news of that kind and present them whereever they want.
I (and others with the same interest) don't desire to have a duty to spread "all news", but we wish to select our news according our own specific interests.

How and where do both groups meet? The place I suggest
would be a thread "Tarot News (history)".
Actually one should keep it as a place for short notes, which per defintion (the conditions must be stated in the first thread) are "copyright-free" and free for anybody to use. The notes - if necessary and I think this is mostly the case - should contain a link, where more informations could be received.
The thread would have the function of a "market-place", where news-producer do meet the news-distributors, news-producers as the sending party and news-distributors as receiving party. Aeclectic has many visitors, Aeclectic is a good place for such a thread.

This system, probably useful in this forum, might be useful in other forums, too, specifically in the "Decks" Forum. Name suggestion: "Tarot News (decks)", perhaps another in the Books Forum, "Tarot News (books)".

Of course anybody, who promotes his just written text or book or internet page or his recently published deck already uses normal ways who makes it known, but this would offer a specific service, which makes the ways of two interested and engaged groups easier.



With some work (lot of work) I sorted the Tarot cards out of Alexanders Web Museum. Then I sorted them by time of production (not all, but most of the older). Also I integrated all the work around Inana's list.
Now there is good view at different times and styles possible. It's not perfect, but already rather interesting.



...fresh start :)

News of June:

considerably updated, Timeline:

much new content, for instance Master ES with playing card deck from ca. 1465, a rarity, first time on the net, was diffcult to find

and much others


Huck, in the Tarot-News June 2004 at you presented an interesting question:

"It is reported from the years 1460 and 1484 already, that Karnöffel influenced the Fastnachtsspiele and that people disguised as figures of the game. In Italy the question how "Trionfi" and "Carnival" influenced each other is quite unsolved, true is, that Lorenzo de Medici was rather ardent about Carnival in the 70ies of 15th century, but Trionfi as festivity and as card game already started in the 40ies of the same century. Which was first? Did playing card games gave origin to Carnival customs? Any more informations from somebody, also about these mysterious Fachtnachtspiele in the Suisse?"

Unfortunately, I cannot reach my Shephard-book "Cosmos in Miniature" (1985) (and I can look only sometime next week, since I am away) where he exhibits a print of (I guess) a Triumph. Most interestingly within the crowd following the chariot: there really is a popess!?

So may it be that either the Tarot-popess brought people to disguise as popess (and as other figures from the Tarot, for that matter)? Or was it this event with masks that inspired the Tarot-subjects?

Was it a carnival inspiring a Triumph or any similar event of a procession – as is noted by Jacob Burckhardt…? Or was it a Triumph that was imitated by a more local event – involving Tarot-masks?