"New Deck Interview" Spread



one of my decks- my orignal one likes me, wants to have a good relationship. The latest doesn't, is this because it needs cleansing, or because i noticed a scary depth in the cards, that makes me think negatively thus effecting the decks response in saying that it doesn't like me, least it felt that way. Is there anything i can do to get clarification on this , or do you recommend i do the spread again. I felt like i couldn't trust the deck, maybe because it's new, and maybe this is what it's saying to me, that it knows, and feels that our relationship doesn't have a good basis, because of the lack of trust on my part. I guess the spread i need now is one regarding what i can do to ensure that me and my new deck have a good relationship!

What do you think?

Love *& Light , Janey xx


Here's what I've learned tonight.....after using a number of decks, I started using the Thoth deck a week or so ago (after trying it a while ago, with puzzling readings). Anyway, after many days of good clear readings (for the most part), I was having problems putting a coherent story together. I asked it to tell me what size spreads to use (I thought that was novel) and made it clear that the number that appeared on the card would be the size of spread I would concentrate on, if it said a large spread then I would try it..and I did a 1 card draw. A court card came up....no number..meaning 0. I did another shuffle and drew another court card...I did another....another court card...I did another ...got the fool (0), did another..got a court card, and finally did another draw..got the fool again (0). I was disheartened...then I got mad. After spending all this time studying this deck (reading and devouring 3 books on it)...I was p*ssed.

I told the deck, ok, buster, if that's your attitude, you can go back into your box and I'll use another deck. I put it away, tried again, and it said three. I started reading again, and the readings flowed wonderfully.

Getting so many 0 cards could not have been a fluke. I guess my point is, not only do we have to respect the deck we use, but the deck has to respect us, also. It is a tool.

Happy readings


Deck Personalities and our Response to Them

Ambience/Janey and Shaymus, I thought both of your responses related to one another, so I'm writing to you both at once -- hope you don't mind.

Ambience, what is the deck that "doesn't seem to like you?" What drew you to it to begin with, and what frame of mind were you in when as you approached the interview? It's a lot of questions, I know, but you mentioned feeling like you can't trust it, and that there's a depth to some of the cards that scares you. Those things can influence a spread, for better or worse, and a new reading might be helpful after you cleanse your cards.

Shaymus, you make an excellent point too -- that your cards are a tool, and the relationship between the cards and the Practitioner/Reader is ideally one of mutual respect. I agree, your experience with the Thoth deck (itself a deck with a REAL voice of it's own!) wasn't coincidental, and you handled it well -- "back in the box if you won't work with me!" Sometimes stepping away equalizes things and the cards will "cooperate" more readily.

Ambience, if you want further clarification on your reading, you might post your reading in the appropriate topic area. Otherwise, you're welcome to e-mail or PM me. I don't know if my experience will be of help to you, but I'm willing to try.

Blue skies and blessings,


Thanks for you reply, FireRaven (to both of us). Since I had that change of 'frame of mind', things have been going downright spectacular. Sometimes we need to put our foot down (in a firm but respectful way).

BTW, what deck do you mainly use?

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My Primary Decks

Shaymus said:
BTW, what deck do you mainly use?

Happy readings

Do I have to pick just one?? ;) Seriously, I've been using the Tarot of Dreams as my primary deck for about 6 months now. For more psycho-spiritual readings, I use the Tarot of Transformation, which can be too hard to interpret for general readings. If I'm not into the Tarot of Dreams, I'll sometimes revert back to the verrrry first deck I learned to read with -- the Hanson Roberts RW clone. That's just the beginning though, I have a slew of other decks depending on who I'm reading for and/or the issue they want to explore!

What about you? Are you an exclusive Thoth devotee, or do you have a variety of favorites?

Blue skies and blessings,


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cool spread

amazing spread FireRaven......Im gonna use it with my fairytale tarot when i get it by the end of this month or so.. Waiting to use it...:) Thanks for posting it....


Thank you FireRaven for this spread! :thumbsup:

I use it with every deck I acquire that I plan on reading with - and have gotten spectacular results. I have posted some of them on the forum.

Hugs of thanks to you!



I think this is an interesting spread, I've copied it out to my journal and can't wait to see what results I get from my Sheridan-Douglas. :)


FireRaven said:
I thought of something though -- this might be a good spread to use when you haven't worked with a deck in a while and need to reconnect with it before using it regularly again. -FireRaven

What a great idea! I never really connected with my Gilded and have pretty much packed it away from the day I bought it... I think I'll try interviewing it :)