New Orleans Voodoo Study: Ochosi. Santeria, 10

Little Baron

The original post got lost by some kind of technical fault so I will try and remember what I said.

Basically, from what I can see, Ochosi is a warrior. His tool is his bow and arrow - the arrow which we can see shooting through the night sky, filled with stars. He gathers, we are told. But as usual, in the accompanying book, we are told little else of the divinatory meaning, except that we should use what is gathered.

The card reminds me of an ace, which I suppose may have something to do with reducing the numbers to 1.

The card sits in Malkuth. Due to it being in the suit of Earth as well in the earthy tenth sephirot, I suppose that it makes it twice as close to the physical qualities of the suit. It is reality. As my draw today, I suppose it is suggesting that I should not waste what has been gained. For me, I imagine this to be time. You can not touch or hold time, like you can other physical and earthy things, but it can be squandered and I think this card is telling me to use it practically and be appreciative of it's value in my day.

Can't remember what else I said, but please add your thoughts as this, like many others, is a card I have not completely got to grips with.



One of Ochosi's main theme's (in Santeria) is that he shoots unerringly. His arrow always finds his target, for better or worse. There is a story where one of the Orisha complains that the game Ochosi hunts for him keeps getting stolen - Ochosi shoots an arrow into the air, declaring that this arrow will find the theif. He then heads home, only to find his mother shot dead with his arrow (she was the thief.) Your post is a little old, but maybe this will be helpful.

Maferefun Ochosi!



10 Santeria -- Ochosi [10 of Pentacles]

This card shows the arrow of Ochosi -- the hunter and one of the four guerreros (warrior spirits) -- as it streaks through the sky. There is lush vegetation at the bottom of the card and the sky is blue/purple/pink (twilight  pre-dawn). The stars are in the sky, signifying hope.

The purple/blue/indigo colors represent the 1st and 2nd chakras (intuition, connection with the Universe and orisha). Violet is also the sacred color of Ochosi.

The golden arrow in the sky symbolizes celestial/divine provision, especially because it’s among the starts. The arrow will hit that which is not seen; this is a primary aspect of faith.

I interpret this card to mean faith as the evidence of things not seen.

The vegetation = growth (of faith).

The arrow is in the darker part of the sky vs. the vegetation is the lighter part: it’s easier to grow when you can see clearly, but to shoot the arrow in the dark requires belief in a bigger force than you.

The starry sky in this card connects it to the following cards in the NOVT:

--XVII – Z’Etoile [The Star]
--XVIII – Magick Mirror [The Moon]
--0 – World Egg [The Fool]
--9 Rada – Masa [9 of Swords]