6 Santeria -- Eleggua [6 of Pentacles]


Eleggua is the orisha of the doorways and crossroads. His voudoun counterpart is Legba. Eleggua is often represented as a child because he is a child-like messenger between the human and spirit worlds, with a love of pranks and surprises. He sometimes deliberately scrambles or miscommunicates messages.

This card shows a smiling child standing behind an open door. The child wears cowrie shells over her eyes as a joke, but cowrie shells were once used as currency in Africa. The door has a large, gold doorknob and opens inward (it’s easier to push instead of pull), and signifies opportunity; this is underscored by the cowrie shells and gold doorknob. There is darkness behind the child; the unknown (opportunity in the unknown). With Eleggua in this card, I would say that the opportunity is a surprising one (again…the unknown: coming from an unknown source, or one not previously considered).


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