New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 10 Congo--Gran Bois [10 of Cups]


Gran Bois is the lwa of the Sacred Forest and protector of wild animals. He is the Master of the Sacred Forest of the Island Below the Waters, which is where the lwa call home. This is where the newly dead travel (similar to Heaven). The nighttime sky shows a few stars. Great waters are pourind down upon a grove of leafless trees. A red snake (Damballah the Creator) is coiled around one of the branches. The spirits dance in the waters. Grass grows underneath the trees; it’s not green, but it’s not dead either.

There are 7 trees, which is a sacred number. The branches are intertwined with each other. The lack of leaves indicates an opportunity for regrowth, regeneration, reincarnation(?).The branches reach up toward the waters and spirits  welcome, connection. The roots of the trees seem to be above ground and are easy to uproot (again…rebirth? Reincarnation?).

I interpret this card to mean emotional happiness, completion, transformation, bliss. This card can also be interpreted as a physical death.


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