New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 9 Congo--Madame La Lune [9 of Cups]


Madame La Lune sits by the swamp at night. She draws the moon on the surface of the swamp. Lush vegetation surrounds her, and it’s quiet and peaceful in her environment. The moon she draws on the water is as real as the one in the sky, which is obscured by the plants.

I interpret this card as one of faith: it takes faith to believe that what you create is real and lasting. You are drawing your own reality and can change your personal reality, just like the water changes.

What is reflected in the swamp surface (what La Lune draws) seems to be different than what actually is  trust your feelings/instincts.

I think of the phrase ”you can’t cross the same river twice”, which is true because at the point where you crossed, that same water is no longer there (has floated on) and you are not the same person you were when you crossed (passage of time).


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