New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 5 Congo -- Ogoun Bhalin'Dio [5 of Cups]


Ogoun Bhalin’Dio sits at the bedside of a sick child. He is injecting medicine with a needle (intrusive “technology”) instead of using traditional medicine (which tends to be more non-intrusive, such as poultices, etc). He is using a small needle in proportion to the size of his hand (a little goes a long way?); this is a type of God aspect. The child’s face is calm. Light shines down upon him/her from a ceiling light. All of this together could indicate “miracles” and “miracle healing”.

Bhalin’Dio is dressed in white shirt and hat, similar to Obatala the Great Father (4 Santeria)  “father” healing the “child”. You can’t see Bhalin’Dio’s face, just like you can’t see the face of God.

The ceiling light shows heavenly/celestial/spiritual illumination, which provides the basis for healing. The pale blue background is calm and soothing. The wooden bed and dresser indicate stability and durability.

This is a card of emotional healing using more advanced methods.


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