New Orleans Voodoo - XIV--Ti Bon Ange [Temperance]


An initiate stands with a govi balanced atop her head. A ti bon ange is going back into the govi. The hounsis stands before an opened door on her right side, beyond which is darkness. On her left side is more darkness with a hint of light. She stands at the lighted portion of the floor. The hounsis is inside a hut; perhaps the same hut where she meditated prior to her initiation ceremony.

This card shows dualities: light/dark, known/unknown.

The initiate’s right foot is stuck out, which makes her balance on her left leg  intuitive balance, reliance.

The houses is not quite standing in the center of the card; she’s closer to the light side and the opened door. The door opens outward; it’s more effort to pull than to push --> working to uncover the unknown?

There are warm tones to the card. The ti bon ange has yellow and aqua highlights  intellect, emotion?


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