new study group:Phantasmagoric theater tarot


hello every one.
How will whe start? Any suggestions?
Maybe whe can get others to by the deck if whe start with some personal readings whe have done with this deck. Just to show how great it reads, how clearly and with humor:)

Any thoughts?

Faerie Lin

about my little sister

Here's the reading Maan! Probably more than you ever wanted!! lol

I did a reading with this deck the other day, my sister who is 13 or 14 (one of those lol) is horrible at going to school in the morning and is also very anti-social, doesn't "get out" and have fun, just stays in her room all the time on the computer. She's such a smart girl, but is really ruining her grades by not caring about school, she is blaming not going to school on her girlfriend living faraway (she just recently came out to my family that she's bisexual and talks to this person everyday on the computer).

I did a horseshoe spread with "Why is Whitney not going to school?" in mind... tried to do quick responses as to not bore anyone, there's just too much going on in this situation! Oh and I typed out what's in the LWB for the cards drawn, thought some of you might like it!!!

1. Past Influences - Queen of Cups
Say Hello to Fizzy, the Queen of Cups. She represents sensitivity in a woman. Fizzy is happy and content. She represents our ability to enjoy all emotions. As the Queen, Fizzy interacts with many men, and knows that men can be uncomfortable showing their playful side. She helps them feel comforable with themselves, and encourages men to seek their spiritual and nurturing qualities.
*Whitney is totally inlove with this girl! (or woman? ahhhh!) loves to chat with her etc. Whitney feels like herself with her. This girl brings her much happiness.

2. Present circumstances - 7 of Cups
Scoop realizes his days of being a glove puppet master in the Water Cup Desert are limited. He is faced with emotional confusion. His most loyal fan, 'X', the box toy, wishes him to stay. But Scoop is realistic and knows his priorities. Using his dreams constructively, he has decided to head for the Theme Parks.
*Her priorities are completely whacked out. She's spending all her time and energy on this girl, while her schoolwork is suffering. She THINKS how she's acting and what she's doing will work out for her. I see SOME sense in her, but its totally being overrided with her emotions...

3. Hopes - 7 of Coins
Morning arrives and Ryan opens his window, greeted by a new harvest. Ryan is a dedicated and hard worker who cultivates his skills and abilities. He is a productive villager who is beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work.
*Boy does she have some big grownup hopes for this relationship and she's willing to really sacrifice! Her stubborness EVERY MORNING seems to be her dedication. Dedication to sitting at the computer chatting to this girl.

4. Obstacles - Justice (Balance) Reversed
Sitting here in a moment of thought is Elouisa. She represents balance, and holds in her hand a sword, indicating that a serious decision is imminent. Two beanstalks have begun to grow on either side of Elouisa, a reminder that both sides of the story must be considered. Externally she appears to be in control, yet inside she struggles; a new act must be considered. Elouisa understands the divine law that in order to receive something, we must sacrifice something else in return. It is a law of exchange. When we focus too much time on the material plane, our spiritual life begins to diminish. Elouisa sits and weighs her thoughts, pondering what new directions to take. She speaks what the conscience thinks. The card of Justice reminds us of the importance of give and take, and to listen before making decisions.
*Most of you know that when a child (who is still a minor) misses alot of days of school... or doesn't go to school at all, that the parents can get reprimanded. I see this reversed (in this situation anyway) as so. Kind of twisted type of Justice. Though Whitney is mostly only seeing her side or only caring about her feelings and wants, deep down she knows she needs to see how this affects everyone else, that it DOES affect other people.

5. Environment - 8 of Swords Reversed
We see a figure lost in space, detached from the Labyrinth, trapped because he cannot find a solution. This is so frustrating: he does not know what the problem is, or even where it is coming from. The answer is close, but he cannot see it.
*Oh yeah, lots of yelling, and getting pissed at people, chaos, stress.... this is almost every morning for my family back home trying to get Whitney to go to school. My dad just recently had triple bypass surgery so I really don't know what to tell him to do. And everyone really doesn't know EXACTLY why she's not going to school. (I'm wondering if this person is in a totally farway timezone, and her being home during school is when she can really talk to this person...) Hopefully the talk of getting her to a counselor isn't just talk. And I hope the counselor tells them to GET THAT DANG COMPUTER OUT OF HER ROOM!

6. Future influences - Knight of Coins Reversed
This is Jacky, the Knight of Coins, a talented player at the table, a character of continuous inspiration, always keen to develop his skills. Jacky is a true professional.
*Looks like Whitney still is going to act the same towards school (not wanting and not caring to go) and such, lazying around and still expecting things to come her way without having to do anything in return.

7. Outcome - Hanged Man (The Submissive) Reversed
A man hangs upside down, his arms are bound within a strait jacket. One leg is tied, the other forms a downward triangle. A rubber mask covers his head. The hanged man is detached from the outer world. He lives in his dreams, suspended between heaven and earth, and hovers in willing submission, allowing himself to be controlled by the constraints and discomforts of his own choosing. Because the Hanged Man's mental powers are confined, he achieves very little as he hangs in isolation and solitude. A mask beside him represents a time when he was active in the theater, and also serves as a reminder that he may have the opportunity to join the theater again. A snake appears, a symbolizing that it is by his own fantasies the Hanged Man is bound. This card warns us of the dangers of living life in the role of the matyr.
*Seems like she's going to stay in her phase for atleast a little while longer (of course if nothing is done!). More wasting her time, precious school time. Too involved in her own feelings...

I'm kicking myself for not drawing another card when I had the chance..

Anyhow... any thoughts? anything else you see? ADVICE? lol

Where's Raymond Moses?


Wow Faerie- sounds like that was a very accurate reading - a perfect mirror of the path your sister is on.

Maybe the next question to address is why she is allowing herself to be in this situation at all. The avoiding of school & throwing all of herself into focus on this other person may just be sypmtoms of a greater lack she has in her life. Perhaps nothing can change until that is dug up. What function is this person serving that is not being addressed in her real life?

It may also be important to consider if her behavior is serving a purpose in the family somehow. All the uproar is focused on her- she may be acting as a lightning rod for all the family emotions. She may not even know this herself.

I suggest finding a spread for the revelation of hidden influences on a situation.


Faerie Lin

Good ol' Tarotphelia :)

Yep! I definately felt more delving into this is needed. I think you are absolutely right about the family thing... They (we even) are not the "huggy-awwww I love you type" with each other. I definately will seek out a spread for more hidden influences and probably need to go on a different take of questions...

Thanx for responding!!


Fearie Lin what a insightful spread. I wish you and your family all the best.:*

I have been thinking alot about what spread i should post here. There are so many that where really good that i can't choose :(
But oke i have to pick one so here it is!
My first reading after the new deck spread i did with this deck

part of my tarot journal:
"tommorow i will start with a new education what will it bring me? "
( i used three cards and i use the bottom card of the deck as a sort of "key" to the whole reading)

The hierophant, four of cups and nine of cups. At the bottem was the page of swords.

The page is me. Its shows me how i look at the Uni. Shows my willingness to learn and that i want to jump right in. I can't wait to get started!

The hierophant promisses much things i can learn. But its also warns me for the things i will find anoying. The Uni is a big institution and it will have lost of rules and burocratie. The teachers are way above the students and i will be just a number.

The four of cups tells me i should be careful not to look to much at the negative things and look ate the brights side.
And that i should be ware of the fact that i have the bad habit to shut myself away because new thing can be so scary!

The nine of cups lets me see that i have alot of good friends that will support me. Together we can face everything!

Faerie Lin

Wow Maan, great reading you did! Must have settled alot of nerves you might have had also. I LOVE the 4 of Cups card in this deck, I just want to eat that card up!



yes the four of cups is soooo cute and it shows a "pose" that i have the tendency to. :( This little girl is deffinatly learning me alot lately ;-)

So Rotsie, Quolus, and others that use this great deck do you have a reading you want to share with us?



as soon as i get this deck i will do some readings and post one of them here! i love this deck, is it actually easy to read? it's not too sarcastic and biting?


Not at all Napaea!
Its is direct but not more than other decks. ( just look at my porfile and see my other favo decks ;) )I do feel that this deck knows me better than others and it brings its message loud an clearly with a bit of humor.

I'm so glad you will join us. Somehow this study group will not come alive and i really would like it to!!!