Phantasmagoric 8 of Wands

Little Baron

Hi Everybody

I am still quite relaxed under the influence and energy of the 'Three of Cups' and satisfied by the 'three' groupings that I spoke of in my last post.

Tomorrow is a day for 'hard' work because I havn't done very much of it recently and time is running out. The card that I draw for the 28th is ...

8 of Wands.

The first thing that I see is that yellow blob! My card for 23/7 also incorperated the 'blob' and as I mentioned there, unflattering as it may seem, I have grown to associate this with my mother and certain moods that she can go in and out of; this symbolises one of those 'moods' - one that my father and I find quite dificult to communicate with. Seeing the blob made my heart sink just a little because my initial thought was 'tomorrow is going to be another one of 'those' days. As with the 10 of Swords, where it appears also, in the draw for the 23rd, I said that its reappearance would somehow be a preperation for what my dad and I may have to encounter tomorrow. As I also said, my mother is one of the kindest, sensitive, generous and supportive of mothers, so don't think for one second, that I am thinking or speaking negative of her. Me and my dad just worry about her a lot because of her sensitive and vulnerable nature.

What do I see in this card? Regardless of the bright colours, this card is quite a dark one for me. I think that it is the dark green background that does it. The fact that the sun has gone down adds to concerns that I associate with my mother. The travelling 'wardrobe' holds the blob, a large dice, some scissors, what look like three meat hooks,a circus platform and is decorated with three skulls on the side. There are trees in the background, a ringmaster (dressed in pink) and what I interpret to be two 'show dogs'. These are probably not dogs but that is how I am viewing them for the moment.

Graham Cameron say of this card -

"Being part of the circus guarentees plenty of activity and movement. Here is Fingerpin with two of his road crew. The time has arrived for the Five Wand Circus to move on toward new land. Great opportunities await them and so they travel with positive feelings.
The Eight of Wands represents a time of moving forward and new ideas".

Camerons meanings are far more positive than the original ones that I drew; I can see the positive, even though the negative ones are probably always going to resurface when I read for myself. The Wands in the positive sense give me hope in terms of my creativity. My dad is picking up a lead for my digital camera tomorrow so I will finally be able to get on with some of the work that I have been wanting to do but have not been able to. I have also been offered the male mannequin I have been searching for. Over a drink yesterday evening with a friend, I was explaining how difficult it had been to locate any and how expensive they are. He replied with ease, 'I've got one of them in my parents garage. You can pick it up early next week if you want'. Once I have these things, I will be able to 'travel to new land' with my work and creativity so I can see the possitivity in this card and also, will be able to take advantage of its movement.

The skulls are a little disconcerting and for a moment, the scissors looked a little bit sharp to have any possitive message. However, for my own personal satisfaction, I am imagining them to be dress-making scissors; a tool that will aid me in my work for the better. The dogs are 'presentation' and professionalism. Fingerpin is authority, holding on to his 'creative and fiery' wands securely and weiding his whip.

And then there is the blob ...

Does any of you have a take on this card or any interesting views?

Best wishes and once again, thanks for listening.



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Hi Yaboot

I hope tomorrow will turn out good for you.

My experiences with this card are limited. But it has come up in a rather memerable situation for me.

A few months ago i had a 'boyfriend' for a two months. he did not believe in tarot and he did not listen at all actually but well i was in love;)
Anyway while he was with me and i was doing a bit of fast cleaning....i picked up my deck and this card fel out. At the moment i though about thing moving fast etc.
But in the present i think it was telling me to get the hell out of that relationship LOL
I should have...a well it was a good learning experience

Anyway..that's since than the way i sometimes view this card...gather my stuff. like the people in the card do, and get out of there


Little Baron

It's a unique card, this one. I hadn't seen the urgency to move on until you said what you did here. I really relate to that and it's another important and powerful interpretation. I think the words 'Get the hell out of here' will ring in my mind from now on when I see it. On the possitive side, I do see movement being beneficial and in terms of the creative wands, it works with my situation at the moment.

You really did do some fast cleaning out that day, didn't you? LOL



The "Get the hell out of here" idea does resonate a bit with me for this card, too. I get the feeling that, if I turned my back on this little circus for just a second, I'd hear a "Slam! Bang! Zoom!" And when I turned around again they'd be gone. Not in a sad or scary way though, just kind of silly.

I'm noticing that the cards in this deck always make me think of what's going to happen to the characters in them next. It's like I'm seeing one panel of a comic book and I'm imagining the next panel. Interesting....perhaps I should try 'entering' one of these cards in a meditation. Hmmm...much to think about! :D



P.S. Have I said, "Thank You" to you, Yaboot, for doing these threads? Even if I have, I have to say it again, "Thanks!" :)

Little Baron

You are more than welcome, Melvis. I was enjoying working with the deck when there was not so many people to converse with but now, I am REALLY enjoying it. There is so much to talk about and see and getting to know these characters is a fun experience. If we carry on like this, we will be masters of the Phantasmagoric pretty quickly! LOL

I see what you mean about the comic book. Sometimes, Tarot characters can seem a bit stagnet, more like symbols that don't move or have a story to tell. I see the characters in this deck to be jumping around all over the place as if they can't control themselves.

I shall continue with my daily draws. There is no structure to how we discuss these cards but if you want to carry on as I have been by adding to my random pickings, then that would be great. I have began to post other threads also, such as the 'Fave/Least Fave card', so we can create them amongst ourselves as we go along.

Have fun with the big heads!



Boo Boo Bopped My Bongo is On Everyone's Lips

Eight of Wands

Nobody gets this road crew to jump through hoops.

Well, they've had quite a time at the circus in this town. The customers were satisfied, and all the acts went well, the concession stand sold a lot of candy floss and candied death heads. What a kick! The circus people are all jazzed up, and cheerfully start packing things away to move on. If it went this well here, the next town will be a fine experience for the Fire Wand Circus too. They are singing happy songs like "Angelo's Guitar" and "Boo Boo Bopped My Bongo" as they sweep and tidy and get everything stowed.

Twilight is falling but the trees are whispering of the coming journey and the crew can smell adventure in the air while they feel electric energy, good feelings and anticipation for the job to come. Feel their excitement!

And I am going back to work after three weeks of holidays so that's something to keep in mind--that anticipation for the road ahead and the wind whispering in the trees.