New to the Fey


Hello! I just recieved my Fey deck last night... my first set of Tarot Cards in over 5 years!

I found that they really are quite remarkable... just with the simple spreads suggested in their book (yes, I'm still a bit of a newbie to it all), I really found that what came up was simply amazing.

One interesting thing... I sat down with the question / intent of exploring a dating relationship I'm in at the moment... as in, "how's it going?" and "what next?"... I found the cards gently directed me to what I can only view as "enjoy the ride!" :) The funny thing is... all cards that came up for this were wands. Do you suppsoe that means anything?

Thanks! :)


Hi do you have the book that goes with the deck?
just in case not i will give you the description of wands from the book.
Wands,normally associated with the element fire,refer to the sphere of passions and ambition-in reality to the sphere of social relationships between humans. Fire,roaring,destructive,unreliable,but also thriving,useful and hot,is the mirror of the heart of fire there is a powerful carnality,a reastlessness that we see reflected in our race more than any other created thing.
In the Fey tarot the wands are linked to the colours greenand blue,with light touches of brown.
The Wand fey live harmony with the trees and with nature.they act and are never still.Their essence guides them to places unknown that they have not heard of and they often make mistakes,but they are always innocent in their thirst for new emotions,energies and discoveries.They show those aspects of living that are related to doing and acting,as is usual in human society.
So yes i would think the Fey are aware you are embarking on a new relationship.....would need to know the actuall cards to know just what the were telling you.