Numerology: Master Number 11


I was born 9-5-1955, which makes my life path 34/7.

Later this year when I turn 47, I will enter my Fourth & Last Pinnacle, the Master Number 11.

I would like some opinions from those of you that are knowledgable in numerology what that means.



Keep in mind that you can also reduce your 11 to a only workign with the spiritual, philosophical, or metaphysical we acheive the 11 pinnacle. The 11 pinnacle means there will be a time of big spiritual revelations and intense spiritual growth. It can also indicate a need to inspire others...carry on what you've a spiritual mentor of sorts. The thing with master numbers is that just because you have them, doesn't mean you can handle them. In the numerology world, if 11 is too intense for you, this number would reduce to you would deal with 2 issues in this pinnacle. (For example, learning to have good relationships without sacrificing yourself...achieving a balance in your life.) I hope this helped answer your question. :)


Rhiannon did a numerlogical reading for me, y birth number is 11, but more interesting is that whe I married my name also became a 11, so no reverting for me I wont allow it :)

:THP (which fits more with 11 issues than Justice :) )


Hi destinyawaitsme. Thank you for your reply.

I believe that I am already feeling the effects of the 11 Pinnacle, so you may be right about reverting at times to the number 2.


For anyone interested in finding out their pinnacles here is an excellent website that explains it.

I'm still in my first pinnacle of 3, my second will be 9, then 3 again and then finally 6. Anyone else care to share?

For the 11 pinnacle I would think that perhaps you are spending less time worrying about acquiring material things. You're more concentrated on the spiritual aspect of your life. Since this is your 4th pinnacle you will get to enjoy this during your retirement. You'll be able to devote more time to the things you consider to be important in your life.

Thanks for bringing this up, Lonnie! I'd almost forgotten about the pinnacles.
Rhiannon :)


Thanks for the Link Rhiannon, I found it Very interesting!
My Life path is # 8, Main focus on material items , money , possessions, proffession, and status. I was never like this in the past (even being a capricorn!) BUT the last couple of years I FEEL forced to be this way to survive and provide a decent home for my kids, and I HATE it!!! The part about 8's negative trait of having a forceful personality and discounting the opinions of others, I can see the truth in that! My younger son is also an 8 And a capricorn!
Here's my pinnacles:

first: #7
second: #7 also
third: #5 (here's where I'm at now)
forth: #2

The number 7 makes the most sense to me when I read it's attributes. (spiritual, moody, introverted, unsocial!) And that would make a lot of sense since it's been my pinnacle my whole life, only changing in the last 2 years!
It could also help explain why I feel, Pissed Off the last couple of years!! #5 is charactarized by Change, needing freedom , financial ups and downs, any kind of change, and need for freedom. I think I've Always craved freedom , but it IS really intense the last couple of years! Of course, my kids are older and they don't need me 24 in the same way , so that could be #5 also. And I Have been truly Obsessed with change at certain times, probubly at least half the time! And often I feel like a #5 wheel just spinning and getting nowhere fast. Maybe it has to do with my life Adjustment to the #5.
The next one , quite a ways off, will be #2.
It's interesting to note that my 4th pinnacle and my 3rd pinnacle (going backwards here) add up to my 1st and second pinnacle #7.
#2 is charactarized by learning to cooperate with other people and be sensitive. Need I say more? LOL .


Thanks again for the Link Rhiannon! Will definitely have to explore the site more in-depth. I'm surprised that little reading I did for myself using numbers actually made more sense to me than , well...............anything lately. I used to be interested in astrology, but the last few years, I can't seem to get much out of it for some reason.