I love the kobong aspect of the cards.

I find it gives a deeper more personal reading, and really draws the enquirer into their issue, as they can see how they have influenced their life. Things don't just happen, we consciously or otherwise (subconsciously, karmically etc) make our life what it is, and isn't, and the kobong card allows us to see this clearly.

I have given a number of readings where the kobong card is actually what the enquirer already saw as their totem/medicine/animal spirit guide (all depends on their slant!)
This resulted in absolute fits of laughter once from a person who's kobong came up as Frog. Only after the reading I found out that was their personal medicine animal!

I myself have drawn Waratah, Moon and Rainbow Serpent a number of times each as my kobong card in a reading.
My husband has Gymea Lily, which has come up 3 readings in a row in differnt positions inc kobong. He fears that card now, but I do think he is intuitive without realising or acknowledging it. he denies his spiritual side, although he encourages me in spiritual pursuits.
Anyway, not sure why I am on about that...

Anyone have kobong stories?
Donni, do you mind trying to give the right pronounciation of the word?

Sharon xx


Heya :))

It's kobong as in co (co-operationg) and bong as in the Ausie town Bongalong or whatever it is, rhymes with long. The late Pauline McLeod (forward) had a 'dream' of compiling a book just of kobongs, like an astrology thing in Koori context.

Yes, I have found in numerable occassions where the person relates totally to the kobong, it IS their pre-known "totem" and that is so awesome!The cards have such a potential for healing. My most memorable reading was a woman, friend of a friend I had never met her before, no preconceptions about her. In the course of the reading she started to weep... the cards were affirming her "hell of a time" and offering keys for self-analysis and moving past that --- it was incredibly awesome.

A similar thing happened in a chatroom years ago. All these 'heavy' cards came up and it was hard to go with it, but again, a catalyst happened -- both on opposite sides of planet, never met before.... I love it!

I find the readings that cover darker apsects seem more healing. Maybe because the darker aspects (for want of a better word) are those issues that are most challenging?What I love about the deck - or how it can be used - is that self-development side moreso than oracular. I never really liked the name change (for sales, ha) from Modern Dreaming Cards to Oracle of the Dreamtime. I often call them "Dreaming Cards"

Bright blessings,
from a Brolga kobong who can't dance as in dance
but dances with her joy for things...;)

Donni - Brolga


please enlighten me, what is kobong?
i dont have the deck, but what are you taking about? scan the kobong card, post it here, you make me curious..........


HiyaKaz :)

Kobong is the Koori equivalent of totem.... in a reading it represents an aspect of yourself, your personaility, what shapes you, and how you are.... and is a part of the Southern Cross reading. You could use this in any reading/deck, just allocate a card for your kobong and read it as representing how your personality/psyche/soul group/personal lessons.... affect how you approach or deal with the issue. Seen in this light, it can be quite enlightening! It's similar to the position of querant except that it deals more with soul purpose, personality AND soul issues within your psyche that are contributing to the situation. I guess it's a "deeper" or more confronting (at times) angle. This card will indicate a connection that might not be easily recognised, sometimes absolutely spot on, (with accompanying"aha!" response), or even an "oh no!" (indicating a need for a closer look at it's issues) but it always seems to touch in on key personality elements behind an issue in a profound way.

It affects every other card too....like wearing rose glasses everything is pink.... kobong colours the whole reading.... with YOUR essence. It isn't as complicated as it sounds, just don them glassses and see the reading in light of that "colour" ~ energy ~ card that is KOBONG!

Did I miss anything? or anyone have any other perception to add to this approach? or is it too early in the morning for me to be fully coherant? LOL



Well, I have to be careful of my kobong .

If you look at my avatar, it is a raven/black bird/crow. When I wrote one of my two undergrad thesis' for my art history degree, it was on the myth of raven in NorthWest Coast art. Blackbirds - or crows as we call them in my area - are always around my house, and I welcome them. The stories of raven in NW coast myths are among my favorites.

So it shouldn't surprise me that my kobong card is....Crow.

But Crow as kobong is a difficult one. A trickster, ole' crow is. But when I look deeper into crow, and incoporate some of the additional myths I know of, I also know crow/raven is very highly regarded. And the birds in real life are not dumb - very smart. But they like to have some fun. And so do I. :)


brolga, thanks for this explanation.
lol, i thought it was a special card in this oracle deck only, maybe a course "oracles for dummies" would be a good idea for me? :D