Oracle of the Dreamtime


I would like to start a study group for the Oracle of the Dreamtime.
Is anyone interested?
I thought we could discuss various cards and their varying positions, as well as the kobong aspect and chakra spread.



Hi Redearth,

Oracle of the Dreamtime is one of my favorite oracle decks. I would very much like to take part in a study group!


Hi RedEarth & Raeanne :)

I'd like to be a part of this too, somehow! As a learner.... it has been well over a year maybe even two maybe evenmore (!) since I did a reading with these!

What are your favourite cards?

here's mine....

And I am going by visiuals, what draws me the most rather than meanings:

Eerin Grey Owl
Gymea Lily
Seven Sisters

I adore Black Swan & Moon too.

The card I really don't like is

I often remove it from the deck before I give a reading (ssssh! LOL) Guess there's a message there for me regarding that!!!!!

Bright blessings
Donni Brolga


Welcome Raeanne and Brolga.

My favourite cards to look at are:

Sea Eagle
Rainbow Serpent
Southern Cross

I really don't like Crab! And it is funny, I only wondered yesterday if it would be ok to take it out, and there is Brolga taking a card out, so that is goodbye to Crab for now! I just find it a confusing card to read unless it is obviously upright.

Actually, this is one thing I love about these cards, the fact that they can be read so many different ways, depending on how they turn up! It is a challenge, but well worth exploring all the different 'sides' to each card!



I should be in bed..... but just wanted to say that the reason I think the cards are just so spot on and can be read so many ways is that they are soooo based on archetypes, maybe even core archetypes... they cut direct to inner truths that are immortal and go beyond skin and creed.... even time.... and am I on the right track here - truth is dfferent for everyone (even the same truth and its meaning, all the same but different) as each person can gain a different message from the Dreaming or the artwork.

I think the cards we pull out to hide (hehehehehe see I said "we"? LOL ) are probably our greatest teachers as they relate to a blindspot. Something unacknowledged. I know this, for myself, but I still haven't meditated on this card.... what measures we humans (ME) go to to avoid things..... Raeanne, is there a "blindspot" card for you too?


Hi all,

No, I don’t really have a card that I want to take out of the deck. There are some of the stories that cause me to shiver. Gymea Lily is a story that is just too hard for me to listen to. (I can’t watch the news when there are miners trapped in a cave-in either.) Maybe that is how I died in a previous life. Who knows, maybe I was one of Bullana’s tribesmen that was trapped!

I was looking at these cards again last night and I got to wondering about all the different things we could talk about.
Story – what is the legend behind the picture
Image – what symbolism is on the card
Meaning – what meanings does the image have or does the book give
Reversed – how does the meaning of the card differ if it is reversed
Orientation – are there any significant meanings to the direction the card is pointing
Combinations – are there any other cards that have significant influence on the meaning
Kobong – what are the positive and negative meanings of Kobong

There is just so much information in each card! One of the things that drew me to this deck is the “Orientation” concept. I love the way the little hands on the cards can be reaching for each other, pulling in opposite directions, or whatever. Also, like the book says on Lightning Man, what card or cards is he throwing the lightning bolts at? You can really get a lot of depth in these cards!


Gymea Lily reminds me of Excalibur. It IS one of the "negative" stories in the Cards.

Interesting, I am not keen on Crocodile, art and story; RedEarth Crab because of confusion with orientation; Raeanne Gymea lily because of the story. It's interesting how different aspects of the cards (imagery/story) have their own impact.

The circular aspect is what I like very much too. It's such a natural shape and when you draw with a stick in the earth, it has no borders, a bit like a circle. You can move around it, like the cards turn...I love the way eye contact can have an impact, and some cards turn their backs on others, it really is like being at a dinner party and watching the interaction between people.

I feel so "out of touch" with it all, but know it so well too.... how strange is that?

Raeanne, how did you 'find' the Dreaming Cards? I am interested that someone overseas would like them - of course there are many that are universal (sun, frilled-neck could be lizard, kangaroo buffalo, frog, butterfly, opal, etc.) but they do have such a strong Aussie energy too. I have found that many Australians prefer the Jamie Sams Medicine cards. You didn't mention your favourite cards.... curious to know.

Thankyou RedEarth for the Reading (again) HUGS





I found the cards at a local book store. I really liked the artwork so I bought them. I think this was about 1999. Anyway, New Years Eve of Y2K, I watched the around the world celebrations. The Australian celebration was fabulous! I was very impressed with the fireworks at Sydney harbour but even more impressed with the celebration at Uluru. The dancers were so fantastic I was just spellbound. The dancing was both modern and ancient all rolled into one and I felt really drawn to it. Then, sometime early in the year 2000 I heard about an online course to obtain a Master's degree in Astronomy from an Australian school. This was something I knew I just had to do! I enrolled. Later that year, after my classes had started, there was the Australian Olympics! By this time I was beginning to think that I had some kind of Australian heritage that I didn't know about because everytime I turned around I was seeing the Southern Cross on the Australian flag. (Somewhere in this timeline I also found out that Aeclectic's home is in Australia too!) Now, to make this story come full circle, just the other night I was reading about the artists for Oracle of the Dreamtime. One of the artists, Jamie Eastwood, went to school at the University of Western Sydney. You want to guess where I just finished my Masters of Astronomy degree? Yep, UWS! Cool.


Wow, what synchronicities there, Raeanne! Jamie and Danny did the Reconciliation Card together - how special is that? Jamie did a reading with the cards when he first got them and was apparently totally spooked as it was so spot on.

As a child, I used to make tiny stone circles with little paths leading to them, and my imaginary birds would dance in the paths to the central circle. I later found out that bora rings did have radiating paths. I also 'stumbled' across some Bora rings in outback Queensland, that were immense. Judging by their size above ground, they went down a bit. Maybe 3 - 4 foot tall. Through one of those synchronicities, I had one of Australia's leading rock art experts bid and win an auction.... I just HAD to enquire further. Areas in northern WA have immense stone circles, but there were none recorded around the area I was in. I did report the circles to the Aboriginal group there and I do suspect they were still being used in some capacity as there were a couple of housebricks placed in missing spots in some of the much smaller circles.

I have a large piece of sandstone from that time and area beside me at the pc (supposedly to absorb all that radiation, but it is beautiful and reminds me of that lovely place along the Warrego River.)

Another Koori syncronicity in my life was as a teenager, writing a story of a young Aboriginal girl who was taken from her family, the bush and placed in a large institution-like place. At that time, "the stolen generation" was not known... or talked about... certainly nothing to do with Aboriginal history and heritage that was beyond their lifestyle.... ("Blood on the Wattle" is an excellent book, gutwrenching tho.) I wept with the young girl as I wrote, as she jumped from the window to the trees below, her family beckoning her to come from within the mottled greens of the tree. It touched me deeply, and later as I learnt more, realised I may have keyed into ~something~ there. I have known several adult children of the stolen generation and the impact this has had on them is immeasureable.

Oh, and I will mention the sacred womens' initiation area I stayed in for a few weeks where many eery things happened. (Near Bowraville, north coast of NSW.) Place abounded in crystal and red-bellied snakes. Some nights you would hear chanting & stamping feet in the distance... it would seem to come up the hill then dwindle... certainly a time warp or something there. Compasses used to go awry and never point to the directions! I am not an"airy fairy" person, pretty down to earth actually.... I "love" experiences like these!

RedEarth, with your Aussie background, did you have any significant Koori or Dreaming (red earth spiritual) experiences as a child or later? Raeanne? (And your fave cards, do you have any?)



(and thankyou both for gently bringing me back to all this!!!!!!)


Raeanne, that is so great, you obviously have a deep connection with the Australian land and people.
Brolga, it's funny you should mention the Stolen Generation, as I was thinking about all that last night as I went to sleep, thinking how the last I am aware, the Australian Government of today will not take any responsibility for what happened, and make no apology. I remeber watching footage of all these lovely Aboriginal children, so young, made to march around in line, having just been taken from their loving mothers, families and tribes. It made me feel ashamed to be Australian. And British, and white.

My first 'true love' was at the age of 3, to a young (6 ish I think) aboriginal boy who had been adopted by a friend of my mum's. Actually this lady had adopted a few aboriginal children and possibly a tongan child.
I thought he was beautiful! Sometimes, he wouldn't be at his house, and my mum's friend would say he had gone on walkabout with his older brother! They would just disappear and return a few days or even weeks later, if i remeber correctly. Another thing he would do is climb trees. I know all boys do this, but he was one with the tree, I remember thinking at the time.
When I was at school we went to a trip to the museum in Sydney. and I remember loving the Aboriginal display. We were told stories of Rainbow Serpent, which I loved. ANd still do, as it is one of my favourite cards :)

Btw, I think it is so wonderful that you Donni has joined us, and I hope we can give to you as much as I know you will give to us in this study group :)

Will have to wait till later to post more, kids need me..

Sharon xx