As mentioned in a previous thread, a main concern at the moment is Spider, as I am used to thinking of Spider as being Grandmother Spider, who weaves the web of life, not as a seductress!

I see this card as being a provision of a safe place, or the need for a safe place, as indicated by Spider at the edge of the cave entrance waiting for the danger to pass. Also acknowledging and exploring our shadow/dark side.Generally issues around security, safety, rest, inactivity, watchfulness, caution, 'laying low', patience for an ultimate purpose, feeling looked afterby something greater (as indicated by the provision of the cave-dark,deep, mysterious) shadow side.

But at the same time, i can see that the meaning as suggested by the Dreaming would be useful (is that the right word)...

But then perhaps this is a 'blind spot ' for me because I need to work on something indicated in the Dreaming...

How does everyone else read this card?



I grew up with a very scientific view of Spider. Spiders trap their prey in their web and wrap them in webbing until it is mealtime. Female black widow spiders (which are fairly common where I live) attract the male and then kill him. This fits with the seductress view of Spider. When I first learned the Grandmother Spider stories, I was a bit surprised. It took awhile to get use to viewing the spider's web as a safe place when I had always viewed it as a dangerous place. I don't kill spiders, but when I find one in my house, I get it on a piece of paper and take it outside. I just don't care to share my home with any spider! :)


Thanks for that, Raeanne. I read your post yesterday and have been thinking about it alot. What I have realised is that I need to think what spider means to ME, as you have been able to do by looking at it from a scientific point of view. This may or may not include Native American input..just as long as it is relevent to me.

So thanks again for your insight, it has been very helpful.



Copy paste from other thread....plus some extra waffle

I agree with Spider representing safety. Visually it is very much a womens' energy card, the Gateway of Life, sacred yoni. The artist, Leah Dawn Prior, didn't realise this until after the fact! She says it hit her and was a real shock. (Spirit stepped in, I think!)

I don't really know anything of Grandmother Spider - can someone please give a little synopsis of her?

I think Spider can also speak of division? And loyalty (taking sides, make a stand?) depending on what is around? And if bees (Reconciliation card) or snake (Rainbow Serpent, eg?) also appear, then safety might be especially highlighted? The need for retreat and time out? Or the Universe providing a safe haven you just gotta climb on in there?

I am reading the interpretations now and find there are so many angles of looking at the Dreaming that could be explored other than the limited one given!

I know I haven't fully addressed your query/perspective am just "getting a feel" for her again. Can a card be scanned and placed here, like are images allowed in these forums? Just tried can't seem to do it, but for anyone reading this who hasn't seen Spider card, it is here: you'll need to highlight, copy paste it into your browser.


ALSO: is the term for a pedaphile international or just Aussie -- rock spider? Just touches on the sexual aspects/breaking out of society's standards/just as contraversial as Jitai's behaviour in her community--- and curious if it is a universal term?