Oracle of the Dreamtime: Index


Oracle of the Dreamtime: Index

General Discussion

Introductions, favourite cards etc:

Kobong card discussion:

Spirituality of aboriginal people-overview

Spider: troublesome!

Crocodile-Souls purpose

Having never started a Study group before, I am not 100% sure what to do, even after reading what to do ;)
I thought if we started a new thread we could begin the subject with:
Is that ok? Any other suggestions?

This is a guide for us to use. I am open to suggestions and ideas.
I suppose these are subjects we could look at, starting a new thread for each?

Spiritual Overview.
This would include our individual interpretations and experiences of the Aboriginal teachings and dreamings, as well as any knowlegde we have relating to the Dreamtime, whether it be through what we have read, seen or otherwise. I am sure Brolga's input will be vital here for us all.

Interpreting Introduction
This could be a discussion of how we come to our individual interpretations of the cards, giving examples. This would most likely be very helpful for any newcomers to the Oracle of the Dreamtime, as it would give help on we all first approached the cards.

Individual Cards-Favourites
Each of us could choose our favourites and we could all discuss our interpretations for them.

Individual Cards-Trouble!
Each of us could choose our least favourite or troublesome cards, and gain help in interpreting them.

Kobong Aspect
Discuss our own kobong card if we have one, or how we interpret a kobong card in a reading.

Our readings
This section would be for practical examples and help with our own readings.

In Our Life
This would be where we could discuss the way the cards have spoken to us and others through readings and/or meditations and helped us in our own life, either practically or with our spiritual life.

What do you think? I am sure I have left something out?

I will try and post every few days, although I am going away this weekend (so i will just have to post extra before I go ;))

Sharon xx


I think this sounds great! I think, in some ways, the spider discussion is sort of heading that way starting from one angle, moving to another.... but some structure would be good too!

I have been thinking on this, and I think you have it covered from all angles... seems funny saying that about circular cards - ha!

Thankyou for starting this RedEarth Sharon, I find the Aboriginal Koori Dreamings so fascinating, and the relevence today is still meaningful, it is looking at that in context of NOW, the ETERNAL Now.... lasting truth I guess.

After your Reading, my "save the seals" shirt manifested out of my wardobe after many months hidden.... like magic! It happens, it is just noticing the small details and this thread/concept of a study group has been opening some windows in my mind. Thankyou (again)

Brightest blessings