Ophidia Rosa Tarot by Leila and Olive



Hey guys haven't seen this posted yet and just got an email about it today. (Sorry mods, if its been posted already please forgive me and delete).

Leila and Olive's first edition "Ophidia Rosa Tarot" (they have previously published the "Pythia Botanica Oracle"). More of a plant/flower oriented Tarot. I'm interested to see the associations.

What do you guys think?


They are lovely! I really like both the tarot and the oracle deck and feel they would work well together.

On one hand- I love them as they remind me a bit of the Ironwing- with the coloring and shamanic feel.

On the other hand- do I really need another sparse deck? Do I really need another deck period?

Existential tarot questions with no real answer. :p


Wow, I have seen the Pythia which I find beautiful but this is quite striking. Perhaps I can indulge at some point this year.


Hurrah for more tarot decks! Now if only there was enough money in my wallet all the time...
I hadn't even heard of Ironwing before but now comparing they do have a similar shamanic feel..
I can see what you mean by a sparse deck though - Although I like my Pythia Botanica Oracle it didn't necessarily click with me when I got it as it felt a bit unstructured which is why I am slightly afraid that this tarot deck will not have enough umph that I want it too. But perhaps with the traditional tarot meanings it will feel more structured?


I love botanical decks and this one is beautiful. And the Pythia oracle, I agree, they'd work together well.

Check out the two of cups. :heart:


It didn't take long for me to break down and order the tarot and oracle decks. :p

I thought I would have to pay Canadian shipping rates to the US as they're a Canadian store. But it was only $4.99 plus New York sales tax. *grump* The tax surprised me, I can't wait to see where exactly it was shipped from.


Last thing I want to do as a total newbie is start a tarot deck collection, but this is really calling to me.


I did not need this right now. How pretty? *sparkly eyes*

So, since it's a Canadian shop: Are the prices in CAD or USD?

Edit: Proceeded to checkout: USD *cries*


For those that bought it- I anxiously await feedback. :D

I am really trying to be good here people! :laugh:


Muwahaha! Maybe I should switch my username to Enabler :p
The more I look at the cards the more I think I will enjoy it. I think perhaps using the oracle will work better with its sister tarot deck than just on its own as I've been using it. I'm looking forward to using them together :)