OSHO Zen Study Group: V No-Thingness


Judith D said:
This is one of my favourites! I look at it from the buddhist viewpoint where no-thingness does not equal nothingness. There is no-thing because we haven't attached to anything - haven't chosen, therefore everything is possible. Where there is no decision that one thing is right, there is no decision therefore that everything else must be not right; if my choice is good, everything not chosen is not-good. It took me a while to grasp the concept of emptiness and no-thingness, but once the light switched on I have found it quite comforting. In that 'gap' absolutely everything is possible and we choose the reality we wish to see. I have found it a way to keep my equilibrium and equanimity in stressful times, and to stop the sudden and useless bursts of emotion such as anger when something doesn't go my way (or when a car cuts me off on the road - you should just see how the taxis drive in this country!!!). I can remember that gap - the darkness doesn't feel empty to me at all, and I can choose to act sensibly, instead of reacting blindly. (don't always make it of course, but at least I can keep trying). And as a card to meditate on - just wonderful.

Judith, this is perhaps the best interpretation of this card I have seen yet....I love it

Judith D

oooh - Archer1, (blushes) thanks for that. I'm new at speaking my mind on these things and to see that I am not talking rubbish is very welcome! I read over what I wrote and see my view hasn't altered - still a very favourite card. Considering there's nothing much on it, that is strange, but it lets your mind soar.


You are very welcome


Hi all! New to the conversation - had this deck for ages without really looking at it (new-ish to Tarot, so the difference between it and traditional Tarot put me off)...!

Am I right in thinking that the difference between no-thingness and nothingness is that no-thingness means a completly empty mind without any rules or preconceptions where nothingness, in this context, means a mind so full that here is room for nothing more...? Or am I way off track...?

From trghe dsicriptions I've read, I felt that the card would be better if white, rather than black, as I've always felt that white is pure, immocent and empty where as black is full, dark and less likely to lead to a creation of any kind...?

Just my two euro worth....!



I like it better black. The darkness just means to me that you have to search and find your own guideposts along the way. There's nothing to guide you to the light. White IS the light, you know, so it seems there's not any need to search. :) It's too easy, I guess you could say.


No-Thingness is a very interesting card it gives me a sense of peace when I look at it. i think it is a beautiful card
I had No-Thingness in this position on one of my readings.

Position Five: Making Plans
Based on the creative information of position four, what plans can you now make? Look for the relationships between cards three, four, and five. Healing energy produces a creative spark that needs planning to become real.
5. No-thingness

The other positions were.

Position One: Strength
This card shows where you are strong. If you don't like this card, it may be because it describes a painful life experience that has made you strong--or will make you strong if you directly face the issue.
Queen of Water – Receptivity

Position Two: Heart's Desire
Your deepest desire. What do you really want? This card may surprise you. Do you dare to speak of your secret dreams?
10 of Rainbows – We are the world

Position Three: Healer
What needs to be healed if you are to be strong? Note whether or not there is a relationship between position one (strength) and this card. Does this card describe a situation or give you advice about a situation?
16. Thunderbolt (equivalent to the Tower in a RWS deck)

Position Four: Creative Inspiration
When healing energy is released, creative inspiration is the result. What are you inspired to do? What creative activity fires you up?
6 of Fire - Success

Position Five: Making Plans
Based on the creative information of position four, what plans can you now make? Look for the relationships between cards three, four, and five. Healing energy produces a creative spark that needs planning to become real.
5. No-thingness

Position Six: New Growth
What is the promise of spring that lies just beneath the snow? By knowing where you are strong and focusing on your heart's desire, healing releases a creative fire that offers new beginnings. What is your promise of spring?
10 of Clouds – Rebirth

I have the hold of the other cards but in comparition with the other cards I don't know if i'm understanding No-Thingness i'm thinking of this card as doing nothing not making any plans, to take time to rest.

Briar Rose

To me, No-Nothingness means to quite the mind. Only then knowledge, and peace come, as then we are truly present.

Judith D

No-thingness is peace of mind. all is possible, all is ready and waiting. it is perfection-in-waiting. Nothingness is more empty to me, as the choice has been made between something and nothing. The words just get in the way! The darkness of the card covers what is possibly there so we cannot see something and make a choice by sight. If the card were white all would be visible, open, as if already chosen by someone or something before us.


I've just started reading with this deck, and love the different way it talks to me. This card in particular I thought I would have a hard time with, but it flows so gently. I love it.

The void within.

To let go ........ to be nurtured, to be cradled ....... to surrender the self and be at one with all energy that surrounds.

Total peace and serenity.

Anyone agree?


I have this deck but not reading with it at this time. Just thought
I would see what this no-thingness was all about.

This is just extra input and don't know if it even makes

Black to me means a colour of manifestation...all the colors
in one.
Five is the revolving door, or searching, movement.

So not attached to anything.
Searching for the door or the bridge to bring you to the
other side of a situation.

Something like this anyway! :laugh:
Thanks for the OSHO threads! :)