OshoZen 2 of Rainbows (Pents)


2 of Rainbows ~Moment to Moment~

"The past is no more, and the future is not yet..."

What a gift to have the ability to just allow things to roll off your back. That's how I see this guy as he seems to make the difficult look easy, floating ahead, one step at a time. I've always strived to have balance in myself, and in my life. It has been, and will continue to be something that I work towards. I think most of my issues have been in relation to having expectations. Always having a mental picture of how things will be, and of course, they never turn out to be so.
But how does one "practice" not having expectations? I suppose it is a matter of patience, and knowing that I have all that I need to approach a challenge in an appropriate manner. Who was it who said "just make it up as you go along":D
For someone who has no ambition in this card, he does look like he has his eye on the prize somehow.
If I had to guess, his prize would have to be a certain peace of mind. That whatever maybe going on, with all its hustle and bustle, he goes "placidly amid the noise and haste."


Great card, huh? But very hard to achieve.

"If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on." Just like a little baby who has just learned to walk and is happily chasing after a butterfly. Baby doesn't stop and sit in the dirt, bewailing "Oh my gosh, I'll never catch that butterfly. I'm a failure at butterfly catching. I've never been good at anything. " He just jumps back up and keeps trying. :) I love the idea.


Solitaire* said:
Baby doesn't stop and sit in the dirt, bewailing "Oh my gosh, I'll never catch that butterfly. I'm a failure at butterfly catching.
Like it's not bad enough the kid is bald, toothless, and unemployed...now the whole butterfly failure!
I like that Sol!!
Nope, not easy at all.

Judith D

That did make me laugh! I now have a wonderful vision of that baby and the butterfly.
I fancy the thought of those stepping stones leading to nowhere / anywhere, and being able to dance down them, balanced and light, eyes looking up and out rather than at the feet, and just letting them lead us wherever.
There are so many cards in this deck reminding us to be here, now, and this is another. No ambition, no expectation. This is a call for me right now. I've just heard that my daughter is coming home for her 30th birthday in August - I must let go of my expectations, of my plans, my desires, and remember that this is a holiday for her and she wants to do her things, see her friends, and not be tied too much to mom and dad. Sigh. But - live moment to moment, enjoy every one!
Twos are duality, and also remind us that for every positive, there is a negative or shadow.


"This very moment is our perfect teacher, and it is always with us." And yet we always to look to the next moment, and the next.

The first time I went on a meditation retreat and did walking meditation, I realized that I was always thinking ahead to my next footstep.

It's easy to extend that to thinking about the next card that is going to turn up.

There are no additional cards. There is only the card in front of us now, and the breath.