OshoZen 3 of Rainbows (Pents)


3 of Rainbows ~Guidance~

Up until a few years ago, I was ignorant of the possibilities of having Guides. Of course, I thought I couldn't work with my hands too. Well, better late than never. I don't have any names or specific identities as others do, but I know that they're around, always giving me helpful hints. When I really need an answer, I may get it in dreams, music, billboards, book passages, and the tarot. I've had some real insights come through in chinese fortune cookies, lol, I kidd you not.
In any case, I try to be as receptive as possible, and I think that seems to be the key. In this card the human looks back to something while the spirit within sees other possibilities. I think that's why I like that "gut feeling", it's like another part of me senses that universal queue to move/act!

Judith D

I have no idea whether guides are real beings, or whether they are a part of us that surfaces when needed giving the unconscious wisdom that is always there deep inside. I don't even care - it helps enormously, whoever or wherever 'they' are.
I find it strange in the card that the guide is looking away up to the left, and the person is looking away down to the right. They do not look connected to me - maybe that is the lesson of the card. Perhaps she has not yet looked up and seen the light, although it is already there and shining for her. But I still find it very unsatisfactory - for me anyway. It is obviously a card about spiritual guidance but I am struggling to dig deeper although I think I should.
It also looks very 'western' as opposed to the often incredibly eastern look of many of the other cards.
The three of pentacles (RWS type) is more about craftsmanship, creative solutions, skilled work which continues, concentrating on the task at hand. Hmm. Have to think some more.


Would it help if we compared this card to the Knight of Fire 'aka' "Intensity"?


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kilts_knave said:
Would it help if we compared this card to the Knight of Fire 'aka' "Intensity"?
ooooo, I like that KK!
Certainly confirms what the book said about this Knight's intensity...like the Guide in 3 of Rainbows...not a case of going from point A to B, rather a vertical destination. Seems like both Knight and Guide realize things in a broader scope, not of our dimension with its limitations of time and space.


The prominent guide is looking toward the light, while the other guide/human/whatever is turning back to look at what they're leaving behind.

When you trust in spirit, in your guide, which could just be your sub-conscious, you have to take a leap of faith. There can be no looking back, for else you'll continue to waive between the two.

It's almost as if the prominent guide is leading/dragging the other behind. Follow me, follow me, she beckons. I am the light, and the truth. Have trust and follow me.

BTW - I have a very humorous and resourceful guide. He has given me assistance with mechanical things, like priming a water pump and starting my ride-on mower and car.

with love



We mistrust so frequently our own guidance and wisdom. We look outside, rather than in. This card shows the brighter, lighter Self pressing forward and the human self looking back, lingering.

Ideally, there is one being when Guide and the Guided become one.

This card is kind of a weird take on the conventional 3 of Pentacles meaning of mastery and craftsmanship as I understand it. I take it that the Self is master even over the self, but that's a bit of a reach.