OshoZen Fire 9 of Wands Exhaustion

Briar Rose

OshoZen Fire, 9 of Wands; Exhaustion.

Want to know what I look like? ::laughing::

This is what happens when I keep it all together, and I forget to smell the roses while traveling.

This card means to me to stop being so self asborbed.

Alan Ross

On one level, the significance of this card is obvious. If we are not careful, The machinery of life can grind us down until nothing is left but an unending succession of duties, responsibilities and obligations. When this happens, we lose the capacity to relax and enjoy life. We forget the importance of setting aside time to play or simply to be in order to rejuvenate our spirit. Eventually, We end up succumbing to physical and spiritual exhaustion.

On a deeper level, this card warns us against reacting mechanically, from preconceived notions of how things should be. According to the LWB, "A man who lives through conscience becomes hard. A man who lives through consciousness remains soft." I don't think the intent here is that we should be able to do whatever we want regardless of consequences. I believe the intent here is that we should avoid the rigid application of concepts of 'right' and 'wrong,' or any concepts for that matter, in circumstances where they may not apply. That's where 'consciousness' is necessary. 'Consciousness' refers to awareness. When we can put the thinking, judging mind aside and approach a situation with open awareness, we can respond to that situation more appropriately, with true sensitivity to its unique characteristics.

This is no different than hugging a tree. If you see the tree as just another tree, rather than as the unique lifeform that particular tree truly is, you will never feel it hug back.


I think this card is about fear, just by looking into the guy's face. Very overprotective look to him, as if he spends way to much time thinking when the next shoe is going to fall, lol!
It's a way of thinking that has run its full course but he has yet to realize. I like that robotic smiley face on the machine, just above the man's head. That just says it all...joy has become something artificial and packaged.
It's all an effort to keep the status quo.
I think I looked just like this guy when I recently realized that the friends I've been keeping have become "spoiled" and need to be thrown out!

Judith D

He looks as if he is peering out through a hole in the belly of the machine. I find that quite enlightening as it so often feels that the way we are 'programmed' to behave is outside our control - the machine that we made of ourselves becomes huge and uncontrollable, and we are unable to take a step back and relook and rethink. It is exhausting to keep that machine going, and oiled, and smooth. How much better to take time to think and behave outside of the box. Literally in this case!
If a man who lives through conscience becomes hard, he will only break under pressure and exhaustion. There is no room to manoevre and be different. The man who lives through consciousness will be soft - he can bend, and shape himself differently, and react differently.


This poor bloke! Is there any help for him? He's surrounded by metal, totally removed from the natural world of mountains and clouds and trees so prominent in this suit so far.

The only hopeful sign I see here is the green, the color of grass and new life, bursting out all over this tired, tired guy. It's a little late to smell the roses here, because they're gone.