OshoZen Fire,Suppression 10 of Wands

Briar Rose

Osho Zen Fire, Suppression, 10 of Wands

Figure is trapped in knots.

I guess this cards means to me that if I am not true to myself, and I fake my feeling because I am afraid of what society thinks of me, then I will be trapped in my own hell; hense feeling like I am tried up in knots.

Yeah, I get this way a lot. Wanting to be accepted instead of just being me, and have people love me. What's the saying;
I rather be hated what what I believe, than loved for what I am not.

I think I am me, and I think that's a good person I'll attract others like me, and I'll have no worries.

"No worries" by the way, is what Ashram means.

Alan Ross

It's very difficult to navigate through life without accumulating some pretty ugly stuff - socially unacceptable feelings, desires, and impulses - along the way. It's tempting to avoid dealing with this ugly stuff and just toss it all into some deep, dark hole within ourselves. Unfortunately, this stuff has a tendency to leak into our lives, influencing it indirectly. Worse, it can transform us into emotional pressure cookers, resulting in an eventual explosion that can shatter the fabric of our psyche.

What to do with this ugly stuff? Often it is enough to simply be with it mindfully. As long as we don't lock it away or cling to it, this ugly stuff will pass away on its own. This is the Buddha's teaching on impermanence. Meditation helps develop the non-judgmental awareness necessary to deal effectively with our darker feelings, impulses, and desires in this way. Sometimes, more active measures may be necessary. Punching a pillow, screaming in the middle of the woods, a high intensity workout in the gym are examples of non-destructive ways that these energies can be expressed, relieving built-up emotional pressure.

But whether we observe our feelings mindfully or express them non-destructively, We must begin by acknowledging and accepting them as they arise. We cannot effectively manage these shadow energies unless we first own them.


I usually look at 10's as new beginnings, even if the endings were long in coming and difficult. Since this is a fire card, which I associate with inspiration, great energy, enthusiasm...there seems to be anything but that in this card. Something is about to give with all those cracks making there way through the darkness, something good is making its way forward, if slowly. The thoughts are turned in, a meltdown of sorts, a feeling of being weighed down in that department.
When I look at this card, I get the idea of being disconnected from one's own life, having a skewed perception. A self-imposed prison that is nearing an end. I have found that at my darkest point, if I can stand it and hold on...a circumstance or new way of thinking will soon appear, one way or the other.

Briar Rose


I am soooooooooo glad to see you joined the study group. I will be doing the Cups next. Water... need a break after the Fire! Taheeee.

Good post. Hope to see you around and hope that we can actually finish. I am determined.


Great to be here HeavenV!
Thank you for hosting this great study:)

Judith D

I like to look at the progression through the suits (or majors) as a story, and this card looks like an extension of number 9 'Exhaustion' - this is him on the inside of the monster machine. He has been all tied down, knotted up with tension, but he has gone down as far as it is possible to sink, and the only way is up. The prison is crumbling around him and very soon he will be able to burst out, cut the ropes, see through the clouds in his mind, ....... and become the playful page.


Wow. What really jumped out at me was that the figure has a head that is a block of clouds--insubstantial and, as we know from the whole suit of Clouds in this deck, Not A Good Thing.

Man I can see the pressure depicted in this card. In a way it is depicting a psychological process that is the exact reverse of Projections in the Seven of Water. I have never seen any connection whatsoever between these two cards before.

Interesting that the RWS 10 of Wands typically is read as relating to being burdened by work, not one's own mind.

This another one of those bracing, in-your-face wakeup call cards, rather than the pretty, soothing cards like Traveling, the 8 of Fire.