Papus Le Tarot Divinatoire


In case you don't know already, there is a new version of the Papus Le Tarot Divinatoire deck out now, and available here:-

My copy has just arrived, and I reckon it's pretty darn good :~)

Cards measure 70x120mm on smooth stock with a light-buff, mottled antique look, which shuffles well, and is presented in a nice gold satin bag.

If the scans Lauren worked from are anything like my old book, a huge amount of work has gone into resizing, squaring and generally tidying up the cards. For example, the central images on the trumps were originally all different sizes! and most of the border lines were of differing weights, not parallel and/or wiggly, especially the pips.
But that's all fixed now, and results in a deck with a very uniform appearance without losing any of its old world charm IMHO.


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Thanks for sharing Sumada, great to see this available


The designer says she may do a color one too!


How is the colouring implemented? Has it been done on a computer? Painted with water colours? Thanks.

Ruby Jewel

Papus Quabala

I was wondering if anyone here has laid out the cards according to the ternaries and septenaries that Papus explains in "The Tarot of the Bohemians"?

Lord Adonia

I received the Papus 1909 color version from the seller a few weeks ago. Game of Hope Lenormand is a reliable seller and provides good service. The cards were of good quality and the paper stock they were printed on was excellent. The cards had an antique look and the coloring did not look computerized. The coloring looks like an old printing method. I just ordered the black and white edition. I have always wanted the Dusserre edition of this Papus Tarot and the Tarô Adivinhatório for my collection. There may be hope for Tarô Adivinhatório.

The size of the cards are the size of the standard Rider Waite deck of US Games. I wonder how they would look if they were the size of the Big Aleister Crowley Thoth deck.

However, I do not know if the coloring is historically accurate. Papus never did print the cards in his lifetime. I wonder how the coloring of this edition compares to the Dusserre edition of this Papus Tarot. The cover of the paperback edition of Divinatory Tarot by Papus has 4 cards of the Major Arcana. It looks like the Divinatory Tarot by Papus published by Aeon books has a cover of 4 major arcana from the Dusserre edition. The colors do not match the Game of Hope Lenormand edition. The correct coloring is a problem that persists in other Tarots such as Marseille, Rider Waite.

The Divinatory Tarot by Papus published by Aeon books and available on Amazon is a good book to have for this Tarot. Each card is pictured on the right page of the book and the left page has the non-reversed and reversed meanings. This book is the equivalent of Eden Gray's books or Waite's Pictorial Key on the Rider-Waite Tarot.

The same methods of reading cards are in both Papus' Tarot of The Bohemians and Divinatory Tarot. However, Divinatory Tarot contains the 36 Card Astrological layout of 3 cards per house.Divinatory Tarot also contains Eliphas Levi's unpublished drawings of the Indian(India) Tarot.