Pearls of Wisdom - 9 of Swords

Rede Seeker

Get busy living or get busy dying....

I love that thought. I love this deck. I haven't checked this study group in a long time and when I do, you'all are discussing the Nine of Swords.

I joined the ranks of the unenmployed two weeks ago. We received a 60-day and 14-day notification. That was hard to live through while keeping a positive attitude. When the end came, it was like shedding part of myself - everything I had done was still there - the documents and training plans I had written, my name remains on many meeting notification lists. Someone has to pick up all those things I was responsible for, but they are husks with no life force to animate them. The motive force has moved on.

The six swords pointing towards the husk-woman remind me that when someone leaves, they get blamed for everything that goes wrong. I like to think my co-workers will defend my good name, but like Caesar -' the evil men do oft lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones...' I'm in a position now where I did the best that I could, left my affairs in good order for the next person to pick up, and I'm off to find my Life's next Adventure. The six swords pointing towards the husk-woman also seem to be keeping her in her place, leaving me free to move on with no regrets.


Hi Rede Seeker. Yes, Emm and I have started a study of the deck and are reviving the thread. Thank you for all your wonderful insights and thoughts that we can now incorporate into our study.

I'm sorry about your job. I've been there too. It sounds like you are in a good place and are ready to see what life has in store for you. You can't go wrong with that attitude.

Please join us in the discussion any time you are available. I think we may be cruising around the thread this evening. :)


sorry to hear

Sorry to hear about your job loss Rede Seeker, but I know you will find your place again. It is weird about leaving a job, when I got sick I had to leave my teaching career and a media program I built up from one camera to an award winning program, one of my students is a Hollywood producer now. The program failed soon after I left, and now no longer exists. It is the people doing the job that animate the workplace, I hope what you left behind inspires others.