Pearls of Wisdom - Emperor

Rede Seeker

So many symbols of power around him yet a little dog sits contentedly on his lap. What kind of an Emperor do we have here?

First - our Emperor is surrounded by wealth, authority and power. The green world flourishes behind him. A flowering tree grows inside the cube he holds in his left hand. The sun is above his crown chakra. The sky is a bright blue with friendly-fluffy clouds on the horizon. Three bees hover around the Emperor.

The Emperor sits on a high-backed gilded chair. There are six ram's heads decorating it. The back of the throne looks like a sun or sunflower pattern.

The Emperor looks well fed and healthy. His eyes are clear. If you look closely you see the crows-feet that come with trying to supress a smile. His beard and hair are white - a sign of wisdom, I think, more than age. The beard looks like it's purpose is to help supress that smile that the crows-feet at his eyes betray. His cheeks, too, look like he is close to laughter. The crown starts with a saw-tooth pattern in red and green, then becomes golden with four perals and four five diamond-shaped inserts above them.

The Emperor looks a bit overdressed. He wears a plaid sash and what looks to be a matching kilt underneath his ermine-trimmed purple robe-of-state. He may be wearing red leggings - its hard to tell, we see only his knees. The knee-high boots look out-of-place with the grandeur of the robes above them. Those boots look like they were made for walking or riding - comfort not a symbol of the Emperor's wealth or authority. The astrological sign of Ares is marked on the boots and they are topped with a pearl.

The scepter our Emperor holds looks as out-of-place as the boots. The scepter is homely - simple wood topped with a glowing crystal point. It is decorated with three pearls and three ribbons - yellow, green, and red. The scepter looks more like a sage's staff - check the bottom - it has two points like feet. The part that holds the crystal point looks finger-like. The Emperor grips this staff at waist height, but raises the cube with the flowering bush near eye-level.

All the geometric figures - cones, pyramids, cutes indicate the Emperor's ability to recognize the shape of things in the world he rules. Some things are whole and self-contained (spheres); some things begin well enough but come to a point quickly (cones); some things need a specific foundation before any growth can occur (pyramid). The cubes are something else. All sides and corners match exactly. I am studying the 'Cube of Space' (writings of Paul Foster Case and others). I'll let someone more experience with that theory to explain them.

There is more to this Emperor than power and authority. My first impression is that what we see on this card is a 'promotional photo' the Emperor was pressed into making by his is our Emperor...that sort of thing. He consented to all the trappings they asked him to wear as symbol of his authority (and by association, his country's wealth and power). Secretely, he's wearing a kilt and workboots and has his little with him. The smile our Emperor is suppressing is his sense of humor, waiting to see who can see who he really is under all that purple and ermine. He rules by wisdom and Nature's favor - but don't underestimate him. His outward signs of health and vitality and his mastery of the shapes/geometry that make up this world make him a formidable enemy and force to be reckoned with.

I'll write more on our Emperor later.

Rede Seeker

Fire in the Cube he holds

My mistake - the cube the Emperor holds in his right hand contains fire. The blooming tree is behind the cube.

Rede Seeker

The Emperor's Runes

The Runes Uruz and Sowilo are marked on the left-hand side of this card; Tiwaz and Dagaz are marked on the right-hand side.

Uruz = First Aettir, second Rune = patterning, formation
Sowilo = Second Aettir, eighth Rune = Sun, guidance and success
Uruz + Sowilo = 2 + 16 = 18 = Berkano = Birth, life changes

Tiwaz = Third Aettir, first Rune = Right Order, Justice
Dagaz = Third Aettir, seventh Rune = Awakening, Awareness
Tiwaz + Dagaz = 17 + 23 = 40 = 4 + 0 = 4 = Ansuz = Inspiration/enthusiasm, communication

Our Emperor sits between organic life force (Uruz) and the power to make things happen (Sowilo) which results in new life (Berkano); and an inherent awareness of rightness/justice which he shares out/communicates with his people.

Uruz + Sowilo + Tiwaz + Dagaz = 2 + 16 + 17 + 23 = 58 = 5 + 8 = 13 = Eihwaz = turning point of the Elder Futhark, the vertical axis of the Teutonic World Tree, Yggdraisil, upon which Odin hung for nine nights and received the wisdom of the Runes. The Emperor knows that he and his people hang by each decision he makes. Yggdraisil is also the structure that supports the Nine Worlds of Teutonic Lore.