Pearls of Wisdom - The Tower

Rede Seeker

Ok, how is this for Wyrd in Action: I've secured the home as well as I could for Hurricane Ike. There is a day-long lull, then, the sky darkens, the wind howls, rain rain rain, more wind...I say a prayer, and draw the Major Arcana that will be my guide through the coming Ordeal...and the answer is...The Tower! Fortunately, I had been regularly drawing Major Arcana throughout my Ike preparation activities, so the appearance of the Tower did not spook me as it otherwise would have. It was comforting in a way - after the maddening lull, Ike was finally here. Let's get this over with!

Pearls are scattered all along the border of this card. The orderly strand has been broken. There are sprigs of greenery along the borders, too. The combination of greenery and white spheres reminds me of mistletoe. A deadly herb, but beneficial if you know how to use it.

In the center is a brick structure. A fire can be seen burning inside the main door and from various points at the top. All around this tower is catastrophe. Above a fiery cloud tosses a lightning bolt; to the left is an erupting volcano; in the foreground is a forest fire and chasm; on the right is a flood with swirling wind - fist-like - ready to strike the Tower. A man falls from the Tower; a woman runs with arms overhead to protect herself from the driving rain.

Traditionally, the Tower represents liberation. A wonderful state if you are prepared for it. The structures of your life are under seige.

The Rune Berkano marks the right-hand column; Hagalaz marks the left.
Berkano = Third Aettir, second Rune = Birth, Life Changes
Hagalaz = Second Aettir, first Rune = Hail, Crisis
Berkano + Hagalaz = 18 + 9 = 27 = ALU (see below)
27 = 2 + 7 = 9 = Hagalaz

The number '27' is significant in Rune Work. It is the number of the ALU Galdar: Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz. A Runic formula for growth and wisdom related the the Northern Tradition's beverage of choice - ale. Through the effects of ale/ALU one can gain insight into the layers of Wyrd (Orlog) that bind them. With insight, perhaps comes wisdom and the skill to re-weave what is there. Using the affirmations provided by Maddy Hutter and Stephen McNallen in 'A Runic Inspiration':
Ansuz = No problems confound me. Odin's wisdom and inspiration flood my being.
Laguz = I will dive down deep to find my soul. From the waters of chaos comes life.
Uruz = I am healthy and whole. Patterns from my past shape my strength.

Hazalaz, as the Rune total, is the hail-stone, not unlike the pearls that dot the landscape here. It represents events outside our control that can do us harm but in the aftermath bring healing.